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From: Tony Portman <>
Subject: [UK-CENSUS-HELPERS] Look-up please
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 13:52:54 +1100

RG12 1092
ED 3 Hoddesdon
F 39
P 1

Prior to Schedule 1, the enumerator has recorded a heading of "St
Catharines Estate" which I believe relates to a number of the following
schedules. Do I ignore this heading or do I record it along with the
"house" names e.g. "Airlie - St Catharines Estate" etc? The only problem
I see with recording the estate is identifying when the enumerator
actually moves on, but I suggest this occurs following schedule 19.
Also, recording the estate with each schedule would not be strictly "as is".

Advice much appreciated.



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