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Dear Tony,

I would include 'St Catharines Estate' with the address of schedule 1 only.
There is no 'evidence' or ditto marks to support including it with
subsequent households, even though it is likely some of the following
households are part of St Catharines Estate. There is no note or comment
later on saying the end of St Catharines Estate has been reached. (The note
written under the address of schedule 1 regarding schedules 1-56 suggests
the note was added after 1894 when the Estate was added to the Hoddesdon USD
by what appears to be the order of H. C. C. and as such is not germane to
the transcription of the 1891 census.)

Warmest regards,

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RG12 1092
ED 3 Hoddesdon
F 39
P 1

Prior to Schedule 1, the enumerator has recorded a heading of "St
Catharines Estate" which I believe relates to a number of the following
schedules. Do I ignore this heading or do I record it along with the
"house" names e.g. "Airlie - St Catharines Estate" etc? The only problem
I see with recording the estate is identifying when the enumerator
actually moves on, but I suggest this occurs following schedule 19.
Also, recording the estate with each schedule would not be strictly "as is".

Advice much appreciated.



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