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From: Rob Thompson <>
Subject: GENUKI Family History News 119
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 11:31:10 +0000 (GMT)

No 119

17th December 2002

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks GENUKI Family
History News, I hope there will be something to
interest you this week

I was recently alerted to a new place to buy
Genealogical Supplies online - have a look, I liked the
look of the site and it was very easy to use, a more
full review will come soon


Fulham Old & New - Charles James Feret, 1900
An incredibly detailed historical and topographical

Decisions of the Court of Session 1781-1822 - David
Hume 1839
A wonderful record of hundreds of court decisions
involving people from all over Scotland.

The Sheriff Court Book of Fife 1515-1522 - William
Croft Dickinson 1928
A fascinating book with details of civil and criminal
proceedings in the Sheriff Court of Fife.

Charters and other Writs of the Royal Burgh of
Aberdeen 1171-1804 - Peter John Anderson 1890
Transcripts of crown charters and letters patent, acts
of Parliament and Privy Council, miscellaneous writs
and an inventory of the Sheriff's records for the
county dating back to the late 12th century.

Extracts from the Council Register of the Burgh of
Aberdeen 1398-1570
Transcripts of ancient civil and criminal court
proceedings in Aberdeenshire with an excellent index
of names.

A General Description of the East Coast of Scotland
from Edinburgh to Cullen - Francis Douglas 1826
In a series of letters to a friend Francis Douglas
gives us a wonderful picture of the East Coast of
Scotland, from Edinburgh to Cullen, visiting St
Andrews and Aberdeen universities and describing the
trades and manufacture of the large towns

Archive CD Books homepage -

This is a website dedicated to the MARIS family of
Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. This site is
unusually designed, but not over designed and I liked
the way that the site was put together. There are
trees and GEDCOM files on the site but also quite a
bit of interesting background information, and
pictures that were not too slow to load. I liked the
site a lot, I would have preferred a little bit more
background on the locality, but other than that the
site was good
If you have ancestors from West Cork then you will
find this site worth a visit. It is not the most
interesting of sites, but contains real data that
could be very interesting to you. The site contains
extracts from the West Cork part of Griffith’s
Valuation 1848-51, and not just a few extracts, there
are a lot of names here! There is also a civil and
catholic parish map, although the maps are a bit slow
to load. All in all well worth a visit if you have
West Cork ancestors.



LONG, Mary, dau of Edmund & Mary, 22 Nov 1882, Fulham,
LONG, William, son of George & Elizabeth, 7 Dec 1848,
Whitechapel, Middlesex
MAY, Mary, dau of James & Ann, 12 Nov 1854, Leyburn,
MEEKS, Emma Louisa, dau of Henry & Anna, 9 Aug 1855,
Belgrave, Middlesex
SAITY, Mary, dau of Thomas & Elizabeth, 3 May 1841,
Wendron, Cornwall

If this is of use to you in your own personal
research, drop me a line
At and I will put you
in touch with the current holder
Meanwhile, if you have a certificate you don't need
that may be of use to someone else then drop me a
line, and we will advertise it in an upcoming
newsletter .

We have changed the certificate system a little, to
give hopefully an added opportunity for sharing
information. If you have a spare certificate that is
of no use to you at all then you can either send me
the details, as normal, or send me the certificate. If
the certificate is sent to me then it will be sent on
to any enquiries. All spare certificates sent to me
will have their details registered on Free BMD. After
six months if nobody has claimed the certificates as
interesting to their research then they will be
deposited at the SoG library. I will however keep all
the details of the certificate on file and pass them
on to any relevant one name studies registered with
the Guild of One Name Studies.

The address for spare certificates to be sent to is:
GFHN, 66 Northern Road, Aylesbury, HP19 9QY


January 26th sees the Bracknell Family History Fair at
the Bracknell Sports Centre on Bagshot Road. This is a
nice big fair, and traditionally the first of the
year! For more details on this see

See more events at: -


Devon Pages added/amended:
Haccombe Parish Map
Halberton Parish Map
Halwell Parish Map
Halwill Parish Map
Harberton Parish Map
Harford Parish Map
by Rev. H.R. Evans
Harpford Parish Map
Hartland Parish Map
Hatherleigh Parish Map
Heanton Punchardon
Heanton Punchardon
Kelly 1941
Heanton Punchardon Parish Map
Hemyock Parish Map
Hennock Parish Map
High Bickington
The Book of High Bickington
High Bickington Parish Map
High Bray
High Bray Parish Map
Highampton Parish Map
Highley St. Mary
Highley St Mary Parish Map
Highweek Parish Map
Published Books and Articles on Devon History
Hittisleigh Parish Map
Hockworthy Parish Map
Holbeton Parish Map
Holcombe Burnell
Holcombe Burnell Parish Map
Holcombe Rogus
Holcombe Rogus Parish Map
Hollacombe Parish Map
Holne Parish Map
Holsworthy Parish Map
Honeychurch Parish Map
Honiton Parish Map
Horwood Parish Map
Huish Parish Map
Devon Hundreds
Huntsham Parish Map
Huntshaw Parish Map
Huxham Parish Map

Sussex Links/Pages added/amended:
West Itchenor
[West Itchenor] West Itchenor Parish Map
[West Itchenor] Modern Map (large scale)
[West Itchenor] Modern Map (small scale)
West Thorney
[West Thorney] West Thorney Parish Map
[West Thorney] Modern Map (large scale)
[West Thorney] Modern Map (small scale)
West Wittering
[West Wittering] West Wittering Parish Map
[West Wittering] Modern Map (large scale)
[West Wittering] Modern Map (small scale)
[Westfield] Westfield Parish Map
[Westfield] Modern Map (large scale)
[Westfield] Modern Map (small scale)
[Westham] Westham Parish Map
[Westham] Modern Map (large scale)
[Westham] Modern Map (small scale)
[Winchelsea] Winchelsea Parish Map
[Winchelsea] Modern Map (large scale)
[Winchelsea] Modern Map (small scale).

Somerset Links/Pages added/amended:
[Tatworth] Postcards of Tatworth
[Taunton] Postcards of Taunton
[Thorne Falcon] Postcards of Thorne Falcon
[Trent] Postcards of Trent
[Trull] Postcards of Trull
[Twerton] Postcards of Twerton
[Uphill] Postcards of Uphill
[Watchet] Postcards of Watchet
[Wedmore] Postcards of Wedmore
[Wedmore] Ordnance Survey 1:10560 County Series 2nd
edition (c.1900) map of the area
[Wellington] Postcards of Wellington
[Wells] Postcards of Wells
[Wembdon] Postcards of Wembdon
[West Buckland] Postcards of West Buckland
[West Coker] Postcards of West Coker
[Weston] Postcards of Weston
[Weston in Gordano] Postcards of Weston in Gordano
[Weston super Mare] Postcards of Weston super mare
[Weston Zoyland] Postcards of Westonzoyland
[West Quantoxhead] Postcards of West Quantoxhead
[Williton] Postcards of Williton
[Wilton] Postcards of Wilton
[Wincanton] Postcards of Wincanton
[Winscombe] Postcards of Winscombe
[Winsford] Postcards of Winsford
[Withycombe] Postcards of Withycombe
[Withypool] Postcards of Withypool
[Wiveliscombe] Postcards of Wiveliscombe
[Wookey] Postcards of Wookey
[Woolverton] Postcards of Woolverton
[Wrington] Postcards of Wrington
[Yatton] Postcards of Yatton
[Yeovil] Postcards of Yeovil.

Staffordshire Links/Pages added/amended:
Staffordshire Monumental Inscriptions
Church Photographs &Images
Staffordshire parish registers contained in the BVRI
2nd Edition
A view of North Staffordshire Infirmary, c1915
Staffordshire Photographers 1868-1940
[Bilston] A view of Holy Trinity Roman Catholic
[Bilston] A View of St Mary's Church
[Blymhill] A view of St Mary's Church
[Bradley (Bradeley)] A view of St Mary & All Saints
Church (1)
[Bradley (Bradeley)] A view of St Mary & All Saints
Church (2)
[Burslem] An Engraving of St Paul's Church Pre-1843
[Church Eaton] A view of St Editha's Church (1)
[Church Eaton] A view of St Editha's Church (2)
[Church Eaton] A view of St Editha's Church (3)
[Coppenhall] A view of St Lawrence's Church
[Dunston] A view of St Leonard's Church (1)
[Dunston] A view of St Leonard's Church (2)
[Gnosall] A view of St Lawrence Church (1)
[Gnosall] A view of St Lawrence Church (2)
[Haughton] A view of St Giles Church (1)
[Haughton] A view of St Giles Church (2)
[Lapley] A view of All Saints Church, Lapley (1)
[Lapley] A view of All Saints Church, Lapley (2)
[Lapley] A view of All Saints Church, Lapley (3)
[Lapley] A view of St Mary's Church, Wheaton Aston
[Lapley] A view of St Mary's Church, Wheaton Aston
[Penkridge] A view of St Michael's Church (1)
[Penkridge] A view of St Michael's Church (2)
[Penkridge] A view of St Michael's Church (3)
[Penkridge] A view of St Michael's Church (4)
[Rushall] Postcard of St Michael's Church c1919
[Sedgley] A view of All Saints Church
[Stretton] A view of St John's Church, Stretton
[Willenhall] Postcard of St Giles Church c 1920
Willenhall] Postcard of the Chancel, St Giles Church c
[Willenhall] Oil painting of St Giles Church c 1962
[Willenhall] Oil Painting of St Giles Church Pre

Essex Links/Pages added/amended:
[Abberton] Map of the area
[Abbess Roding] Map of the area
[Ardleigh] Map of the area
[Ashingdon] Map of the area
[Ashingdon] common
[Aythorpe Roding] Map of the area
[Barling] Map of the area
[Beauchamp Roding] Map of the area
[Berners Roding] Map of the area
[Billericay] Map of the area
[Bocking] Map of the area
[Braintree] Map of the area
[Brightlingsea] Map of the area
[Canewdon] Map of the area
[Chelmsford] Map of the area
[Coggeshall] Map of the area
[Colchester] Map of the area
[Cranham] Map of the area
[Earls Colne] Map of the area
East Horndon
[East Horndon] Map of the area
[Fambridge, South] Map of the area
[Harlow] Map of the area
[High Roding] Map of the area
[Horkesley, Great] Map of the area

County Dublin Links/Pages added/amended: [Dublin
(city)] Dublin in 1610.

County Cavan Links/Pages added/amended:
County Cavan Library
Enumerated Abstracts
Fate of the Destroyed Returns
Surviving Copies, Fragments and Extracts: 1821-1891.
Microfilm and Indexed Records - C of I
Microfilm and Indexed Records - Methodist
Microfilm and Indexed Records - Presbyterian
Microfilm and Indexed Records - Quaker
Microfilm and Indexed Records - Roman Catholic
Cavan Persons in US Records
County Cavan - St. Croix
Surname Index To Passenger Lists With Cavan
Cavan Gaelic Athletic Association
Ordnance Survey Maps
Regimental Records
Workhouses in Cavan
Griffith's Valuation

GENUKI’s Home Page –


That’s all for this week, I hope there was something
for you this week, please do keep your news and views
coming in

Have a good week


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