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Welcome to the list Ronnie I am sure you will have much to contribute.

Thanks for the information on J Scarth it was who I thought it was


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Regarding the Beacon Works entry referring to an Overend photo of 1975. The
J. Scarth mentioned is Jack, Norman's brother, his wife Dot lives in
Chartist Court. Apart from when he was in the army Jack worked all his life
at the Beacon Works.
In the cellar there was a "mint." Coins were minted there before the war
for other countries. I has a Serb friend who when he got a job there was
asked his nationality and when he said Yugoslavian he was told his country's
coins had been made there, he was amazed at the coincidence. When the
machine was eventually lifted out of the cellar to be scrapped it tippled
over and unfortunately killed a workman.
Before the war there were German and Czech glass blowers employed there. I
delivered morning papers in that area and one of my deliveries was to one of
the German families in Topcliffe Lane but as I opened the gate one morning
the lady next door called out "don't bother they have taken them." I presume
to the Isle of Man.
Last week in the permanent flea market at Pickering there was a Hailwood and
Ackroyd pit lamp for sale at £75, I offered £50 but was refused by the next
stall holder, the actual seller was away at the time.
It was said Best was the brains behind the miner's lamp patent and he was
eventually "dumped." Hailwood was an enthusiastic fascist as can be seen
from his letters published in the Morley Observer in the 1930's.
Sorry about all that but I could not resist.

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