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From: "Mike Heaviside" <>
Subject: [UK-NEWS] Abraham Sewell
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 15:35:19 -0000

Taken from the Durham Chronicle. 18th and 25th March 1853)

..........."Human weakness of another sort led to a particularly brutal
murder and assault at Cabin House, Lynesack and Softley, in March
1853........ Abraham Sewell, rose at 5.00 am and started to attack his
mother, Jane, with a rolling pin. When his father, Thomas, tried to
intervene, he felled him with a poker! Then continued on his mother with the
poker and a knife!!!! Leaving her fatally injured, and his father
unconscious, he left by the window and threatened two neighbours!!! After
being chased away by a neighbour, with a loaded gun..... he was finally
taken into custody, still in his night-shirt, at Blackett's public house in
Wham!! He was singing a ranter's hymn and talking and praying
irrationally....... At his trial, he was found not guilty by reason of
insanity and confined to Bensham Asylum!!!!"........

Mike Heaviside

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