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From Andrew Roberts
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The old name of St Andrews is given in the PRO Hospital database as:

Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum (1868 - 1921)

Address:Devons Road Bow London E3 3NT
So I think Chris is right to identify this as the Bromley by Bow Sick Asylum.

The database also says where some records are:

The records appear to include admission and discharge ones for the
1870s/1880s when Audrey says that Thomas Blabaur was a patient.

Best Wishes


On 20 Jan 02, at 22:07, chrisjwell wrote:

> Dear Audrey,
> The London Hospital is now the Royal London Hospital still in Whitechapel
> Road E!. Bartholomew is St Bartholomew's still in Smithfield and near St
> Paul's cathedral. These were both voluntary hospitals. Victoria Park is in
> Hackney and the hospital sounds like a workhouse hospital as probably was
> Bow hospital. There used to be in the 1960s a St Andrews hospital in Bow,
> London E3- I would bet that this is it. By the way if you ever had to read
> Chaucers prologue to the Canterbury tales the Bromley atte Bow is the same
> one. It is on the Mile End Road on the A11/12 going out of London after Mile
> End and before Stratford. It was and is a poor area. It is also the bow of
> the oranges and lemons rhyme. To be a cockney you had to be born within the
> sound of Bow bells.
> I wonder if when he was working he worked at a brewery? The whole area was
> surrounded by breweries especially in Brick Lane and Whitechapel Rd. There
> were breweries called Buxton's, Charrington's, Crossman's, Mann's, Hanbury's
> and Paulin's. The reason I remember these is because they are the names of
> some of the wards at the London. The breweries used to give large sums of
> money to the hospital and in return they could nominate employees to be
> admitted (for free). When the breweries were brewing up the smell was awful.
> Some of them had Quaker foundations as poor people used to be drunk for a
> penny and dead drunk for tuppence. It was thought that if they drank ale -
> which had a lot of nutrients in then - then there would not be so much
> drunkenness and the children would fare better.
> The original Dr Barnado was a doctor at the London who wanted to do
> something for street children. Barnados headquarters is now in Barking.
> I expect you know that consumption was Tb. Sadly we still saw a lot of that
> at the London in the 1960's and I believe it is on the increase again.
> the other thing about the area at that time, there were a lot of Jewish
> immigrants. The SOG produce a little book called my ancestors were Jewish.
> you could probably look at the London metropolitan archives for some info on
> the workhouse hospitals. I can' t remember quite where you go for old
> hospital records. I think they are at
> this has turned into a saga, but I hope it helps and gives you some
> background.
> Chris
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> From: Audrey Van Nest <>
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> Date: 20 January 2002 17:30
> Subject: [UK-W&H] Help
> >Hello:
> >I have just recently subscribed to this list and wondered if anyone
> >could help me. I am trying to locate any information about my great
> >grandfather Thomas Blabur. In information I received about my
> >grandmother being admitted to Barnardos on 09-Nov- 1885 it stated that
> >her father was in Bow & Bromley Sick Asylum and had not been able to
> >work for the past 12 months. He had consumption and bronchitis and had
> >been treated at "London, Bartholomew and Victoria Park Hospitals" I have
> >not been able to find anything on this Bow & Bromley Sick Asylum. Would
> >anyone possibly have any information about this or suggest where I might
> >look?
> >
> >Thank you for your time.
> >Audrey Van Nest
> >Canada
> >
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