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Subject: Re: [Ukr-Odessa-Gen] transcriptions
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:20:08 EST

I think that before throwing a dollar figure out there, we should attempt to
get a count of the number of sheets people can copy. Anita mentions having
$500 dollars worth alone, I have something like 26 pages which would be another
$130, so already up to $630 and that's just two people.

I have our surname translated from each page, and was lucky to have a nice
Russian woman offer to do it for nothing. Is there any way we could round up
some volunteers in our communities to translate for free? Perhaps checking
with Synagogues to see if they have retired people who would enjoy doing
something like this, or perhaps Jewish genealogy societies?

All just a thought, no matter how it's done, I'll get it one the website.

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