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From: Alan <>
Subject: American Presidents
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:01:28 +0000

*American Presidents

Conal Gillespie writes about the importance of the Scots-Irish vote in
the recent American Presidential elections in this week's Ulster-Scots

A wus gye wabbit the ither nicht. A pit hit doon tae settin ap intil
the sma' hoors the nicht afore watchin the election ootcum fae
Amerikey. Ye hae tae gie in tha' hits a wonner hoo aa the millions o'
votes fae sichin a baag kintra ir fit tae bae coonted an the ootcum gien
oot tae ivry enn o' the worl' owre yin nicht. Laike elections neirer
tae hame the election fer President o' the USA kep clatters o' fowk aa
waark fer waeks ettlin tae wrocht oo the ootcum. Ivryboadie fae fowk
taakin opinion polls tae John Snow an es graphics oan the televeesion.

Hit wus raire, fer yinst, tae hae an election fer President i Amerikey
wi' oot yin ir baith o' the boadies rinnin maakin oot hoo es fowk cum
fae Ulster ir fae ither pairts o' Airlan. Hit wus the furst US election
at A'hm fit tae min' quhar fowk wha writ screeds aboot hit wonnered hoo
the Scotch Airish wud vote. A bocht a wheen o' paipers oan the Sabbath
efter the election. Thae paipers hed a clatter o' airticles ettlin tae
wrocht oot the differ wies o' votin fowk hed accordain tae the curns
they belang tae. The differ screeds taaked aboot the "Weemin's vote",
the "Hispanic vote", the "Aist coast vote" an sae oan. Yin screed wus
writ bae the weel kent novelist Tom Wolfe quhar eh gied es thochts aboot
the "Scotch Airish vote". Tom Wolfe writ tha' the mair es ain fowk
wurnae Scotch Airish es faither wus raired amang thaim i the Shenendoah
Valley. Es a bairn Tom Wolfe pit in mich o' es bytim' i es faither's
kintra na alloos himsel tae hae the missure o' Scotch Airish fowk.

Accordain tae Tom Wolfe the Scotch Airish o' the Appalachians, sooth
Ohio an Tennessee ir cried "Rednecks" bae aist coast fowk, they laike
kintra music an ir apt tae bae puir. Eh alloos tha their apt tae houl
oan ticht tae the richt tae cairry guns an ir gye releegious. Tom Wolfe
dusnae houl wi cryin thae fowk the "Releegious richt" an saies thair
"jist releegious". Accordain tae Tom Wolfe yin raison George W. Bush
won the election wus tha' eh hed a guid notion aboot hoo the Scotch
Airish fowk thocht.

Gif ye houl wi' Tom Wolfe's notions aboot the Scotch Airish ir no hit
cannae bae gainsayed tha' thae fowk hev tuk pairt i the politics o'
Amerikey fae the stairt. Quhan the USA wus boarn the furst draft o' the
Declaration o' Independence wus writ doon bae Charles Thompson o'
Maghera, an prented bae John Dunlop o' Strabane, the furst naime oan hit
wus John Hancock an monie o' the ither fowk tae sign hit wur Scotch
Airish ir Ulster boarn. Sine 18&28 quhan Andrew Jackson wus elected a
clatter o' presidents wur Scotch Airish an gye croose aboot thair Ulster

Laike the Ulster Scots aa hame the Scotch Airish o' Amerikey hev cum tae
ken mair o' thair ain tradeetions an heirskeip this wheen o' yeirs
sine. A'hd alloo tha' hit wusnae bae chanst hoot the yeir wus the furst
election i Amerikey o' modairn tims quhan fowk ettled tae leuk intil the
notions o' the Scotch Airish es a curn o' fowk i thair ain richt.

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