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From: "Muiris Mag Ualghairg" <>
Subject: Re: [ULLANS] Cornish
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 09:30:16 +0100
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I thank the insistence that the new standard spelling is part and
parcel of what is going on, this will be the spelling used in official
publications and in the school system, that, in itself will mean that
with time this will become the de facto way of writing Cornish. There
has been a lot of debate about how to spell Cornish, it grammar and
wordstore, the new spelling doesn't resolve the grammar and wordstore
questions but it does provide a way forward. What is heartening is
that the bodies which have been promoting the wide variety of
different systems have all agreed, some with bad grace from what I
could see, to accept this standard as a standard.


2008/5/22 Gavin Falconer <>:
> A variety that lacks critical mass can easily fall prone to centrifugal factionalism. Unfortunately, many of the attempts to standardise Scots - the genuine ones - have actually increased the diversity, and hence added to the confusion. Standardisation can only work if the new form is actually used, something that may require a substantial increase in state backing; in the absence of devolved Government for Cornwall, that may prove difficult to secure in any meaningful fashion. So whether the new compromise Cornish is actually the standard that wins out or merely another name to be added to the list of failed attempts remains to be seen. It would help if the UK Government (a) increased funding for Cornish and (b) insisted on use of the new standard by those in receipt of such funding.
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