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Subject: Unangst Discussion
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 07:11:25 -0400 (EDT)

Recently we had a discussion go back and forth between Paul H. Unangst,
Carrie B. and myself. Maybe some of you can add to the discussion.

Subj:Re: Unangst name gen'gy.
Date:97-08-25 00:39:26 EDT
From: (Carrie E. Bodensteiner)

Dear Paul:

To clarify (or more likely confuse further) on the Andrew line:

There is much confusion about several of the early UNANGSTs, as everyone
knows. You, for example, show as one person a George Heinrich 1752 s/o
George Heinrich 1723 that other researchers attribute to Johan Sebastian
c1720. Etc. I doubt whether THAT one will every be fully resolved to
everyone's satisfaction; in the meanwhile, we all just have to make a
decision when confronted with our genealogy software and make the best
of it! I've gone ahead in my software and shown GH 1723 and Bastian as
brothers, of which NO ONE has any proof, but it sure makes it easier
when I'm working on my UNANGST line to FIND everyone.

Andrew is another case in point. I will paste below what I've got in my
NOTES file on Andrew. For the moment I'm showing him as s/o George
Heinrich 1723 but would be delighted for further input.

It really does seem reasonable that these UNANGSTs are all related
SOMEHOW, given the narrow time frame and geography of the area, and the
rarity of the surname (look at Census records from the early 1800s,
there aren't ANY of them ANYWHERE ELSE in the U.S.!)
DAR Patriot Index lists Andrew as a Pvt PA, wife's name unknown.

LDS Ancestral File lists Andrew as son of George Heinrich & unknown

According to D.R. Heckman, "History of the Heckman Family", pp. 13,
Andrew was born in the Palatinate, Germany, 1/31/1741, and died either
in Peters Twp, Franklin Cty, Penn, or Chambersburg, on 4/4/1812. He was
buried in the 1st Lutheran Church, Chambersburg.

Emigrated with his father on the "Patience", Hugh Steel master, sailing
from Rotterdam, landing at Philadelphia, 9/19/1749. He owned a house &
lot in Chambersburg and a farm in Peters Twp, where he was living when
his will was executed, 10/4/1810.

"My grandfather Unangst and grandmother: Emigrated from Wittenburg
Germany while single. On arriving in America they were sold as servants
for a certain time and amount to pay for their passage over the Ocion
[ocean]. Sometime after being Free they were married and settled in the
State of Maryland in the neighborhood of Greencastle and Gamblestown &
Ganogogia & Sweet Springs and 10 or 12 miles south of Chambersburg
Franklin County, Penn. Grandfather's name was Andrew and some suppose
his wife's Christian name was Barbarah. They had 4 or 5 daughters (no
sons). My mother's name was Elizabeth. I think one was called Susan, 1
Catherine, and 1 Barbara. One was married to Henry Heckman, 1 to
Michael Heckman, 1 to Davis Kraft, and perhaps 1 to his brother. All
living in the neighborhood of Chambersburg & Strawsburg. My cousin
Henry Heckman junior lived on Grandfather's farm the last I knew of, I
saw one of his brothers in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio about 30 years ago."
--"BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF MY ANCESTORS" by Nicolas Failor, Belton, Cass
Co., Mo., August 2nd 1886 (typed copy from Lauren KNOBLAUCH)

Paul H. Unangst wrote:

> RI, who has done MUCH Unangst research. I have never seen reference
> to an Andrew Unangst, younger brother, according to you and Carrie B., of
> Bernhardt, my ancestor. If, as Carries data indicates, he was born in
> 1740, he would have been born when his mother, wife of Georg Heinrich
> was 13 years old as she was born in 1727. This, of course is not
> biologically impossible, but is improbable. Further, even Carrie's
> list shows NO lineage from this "Andrew", and if you have proof you stem
> from him, I would like to see it. Paul C. Unangst of Ann Arbor, MI, has
> written a book on Unangst, however a slightly different line and he
> shows NO Andrew Unangst, either in his line or Georg Heinrichs. So, I
> don't know where you are coming from and am of no help to you on that.
> Without seeing some more concrete evidence of this lineage, I'm sorry,
> but I have to be sceptical of it and at this point must reject it. I
> truly hope that you can educate me and introduce the rest of us to
> this Andrew Unangst line. Sorry to be so blunt, but I am applying for Sons
> of the American Revolution through Bernhardt, 1st (known) son Of Georg
> and they are this FUSSY about proof. Hope to hear from you.....
> ...... Paul H. Unangst... Wisconsin.

Carrie E. Bodensteiner - Madras, Oregon 97741
"The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get"
--my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother

Subj:[Fwd: Unangst Stuff 8/23/97]
Date:97-08-26 07:18:34 EDT
From: (Paul H. Unangst)

Heckmans: I feel like a villan, but I ahd to send this to Carrie
tonight. Hope you all can come uo with some documentation for the
existence of an Andrew son of THE Georg Heinrich Unangst. I can find
none. Nothing personal, I just can't defend it.
Yours.... Paul Unangst

Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 18:14:33 -0600
From: "Paul H. Unangst" <>
Subject: Unangst Stuff 8/23/97

Well, Carrie... Welcome back! Haven't heard from you in MONTHS. Good
to have you back. I thought I would draw fire with my message to
Heckman. I am putting together a presentation/application to the SR and
the SAR. They DEMAND documented proof of blood lineage back to a Rev
War vet. I have that: births, deaths, marriages, wills, deeds, maps,
obits, etc. for my lineage all the way back to Georg H. U., including
PROOF of my rev vet's birth to GHU in Germany in 1749. Now, I fully
recognize that "there is much speculation on early Unangsts" {yours),
but I deal only in certainties. I have been back to Easton, PA, three
times (1000mi trip), at some significant expence. I have joined and
visited the Northampton Genealogy Society (have you?) and the William's
Township Genealogy Society (have you?) and have talked directly to
people in the area who presently own the old Unangst properties. Did you
know that the orig. log cabin built by Bernhardt U. in the 1700's still
exists (I have a picture)? I have poured over books, wills, letters,
some in old German script, and have NEVER seen ANY reference to an
Andrew Unangst. I repeat, if he was a son of GHU, he was born when his
mother was 13 years old (?!?). Further, there is NO record of such a
(teen aged) person arriving with GHU on the Patience in 1749. Further,
I see NO documentation referenced in your latest E- mail for me to check
your story. Please don't misunderstand me, I am not being an SOB
(although you think I am). Genealogy is not something you hope for, but
search and search until you have the documentation. Carrie, I have
searched for 20 years (I am 68) for what I have and won't buy some
Now, Paul C. Unangst of Ann Arbor, MI, (look him up on Internet) also
claims to be of the Bastion Unangst lineage and, in fact has written a
short treatice on this. PLEASE contact him on this lineage. I will
warn you that as a result of communication with myself and Bill Unangst
of Newport, RI, Paul C. is now in doubt as to this Bastion line.
I will tell you that, cooperative as I have been (I sent you my work),
once I am accepted into the SR and SAR, I will be much more fussy about
accepting guesswork than I am now.
To finallize, I have found no documentation on a son of the orig. GHU
of a son Andrew and therefore, reject it as not a fact. Further, ALL of
GHU's children had German given names. I have his will and believe he
spoke only German at least until he was here a while. ANDREW is an
English given name, and is NOT a German given name. I doubt very
seriously if GHU ever named a son Andrew.
I hope that I remain a friend and perhaps a relative...
Yours.... Paul H. UnangstWisconsin

Subj:Unangst 8/27/97
Date:97-08-27 20:57:51 EDT
From: (Paul H. Unangst)

Just read your latest. I have just also checked the ship listing for the
"Patience" which arrived Sept. 13, 1749 with BOTH Georg Heinrich and
Andreas Unangst. I have never found any reference to their
relationship, although there MUST have been one. Whether they were
brothers, father and son (as Carrie reports) or cousins, whatever, I do
not know. If you have the tie-in docmentation, I'd like VERY much to get
a copy! I do not doubt for a minute that you stem from Andreas. I can
also readily believe that he was called Andrew here, as my Bernhardt was
called Barnet here in many legal documents. You have me very excited
that I have found another legitemate link to THE Georg Heinrich. I have
photos of his stone and Elizabeth Margaretha, his wife. They are great.
If we tie in together, I will send copies. I have copied Carrie on last
memo. You can "forward" my stuff, but I don't know what you mean by
"discussion"; do you have a group, or what? Clue me in. Yours... Paul

---Subj:P S 8/27/97
Date:97-08-27 21:00:59 EDT
From: (Paul H. Unangst)

K Heckman: Am not familiar with the Heckman book you reference. Put me
onto it, please. Yours.... Paul

I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I found the book I was telling
you about.

The History of the Heckman Family
Gathered Up As Near Correct As could Be Gotten
by. D. R. Heckman & Bros. , 1911

The book relates the daughters of Andrew UNANGST. Barbara married Michael
Heckman, Susannah married Henry Heckman, Catharine married David Croft and
Elizabeth married a Failor. The book follows all these lines.

Another reference to these same families is in Volume V of "Genealogical
Notes" by G. O. Seilhammer.

But, you know, so far they don't indicate the father of Andrew UNANGST. I'll
have to continue looking for my sources. I hope I just don't have that
reference to the ship list as my only source for Andrew connected to G. H.

Kathy in NW Indiana

Date:97-08-30 02:18:03 EDT
From: (Paul H. Unangst)

Folks! More on your "Andrew" (Andreas?) Unangst. I have just re-read
the 1803 indenture of Georg Heinrich Unangst's estate giving all of the
estate to "eldest son Bernhardt" for a sum of 1075 pounds, paid the
other heirs. There is no mention of an Andrew, although he could be
dead by 1803. The second son Georg Heinrich (Jr.) could be your
ancestor, but he was born in 1752. Incidentally, he also was in the Rev.
War as 4 of the brothers were. I have just joined Sons of Rev. based on
my ancestor Bernhardt's sevice in PA militia in 1782. Good luck... Paul

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