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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 09:05:31 EST

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> 1. A petition for Congress to rescind the Declaration of Independence and
> become a constitutional monarchy (I know the prospect is pretty bleak, but
> hey - it's worth the effort).

Hey Calvin,

Let's not go too far. Although I am proud of my ancestors who left the US to
go to Canada rather than sever their link to the Crown. I am also equally
proud of those who stayed and made the United States great. Personally I
would never repudiate the Declaration of Independence.

King George was given and took some very bad advice regarding his North
American Colonies on several occasions. This led to the loss of those
colonies, some of his subordinates then made some equally bad decisions which
led to the War of 1812 which almost lost Canada to the Crown. It was
primarily thru the efforts of Canadians, not Great Britain, that prevented
that from happening (or so I have been led to believe).

The bottom line is that all those mistakes led to the statement that "nations
get their power from the consent of the governed". The statement is being
accepted and acted on more every decade. That statement means the people are
the most important, not the government.

As proud of all my ancestors as I am, and as fond of my Canadian relatives as
I also am; when it comes to changing the US to a constitutional monarchy I
have one statement: FAT CHANCE.


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