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Subject: [UEL] UEL
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 20:10:37 EDT

Linda recently wrote that the UEL would cooperate in researching your
ancestors - and I've found this very true to an extent. But, lest we become
too smug, let me offer this. One of the officers of the UEL New Brunswick
Branch, who is also a Treadwell (that's my name too) is noty sharing any of
her family data with me. I have searched my ancestors from the early Colonial
Days in Massachusetts on up through the Revolution and my forebears flight to
Canada where they settled in New Brunswick. I have enough certification to
proudly proclaim that they were Loyalists. There are some holes in my
genealogy though and I figured that this female Treadwell, since we are
PROBABLY (but not proven because of her silence) related would be happy as
genealogist to offer her side of the family. Repeated requests for her
information have come up with no response. I have been a member of that
branch for the past two years - happily submitting my annual dues - so as to
receive the newsleter and maybe learn more of my family. This year the New
Brunswick Branch again sent me a bill for my membership and I returned it
with the notation that I felt it did not offer what I needed genealogically
and I declined membership.
This might not have a great deal to do with the current flare-up of
controversy about who can use UEL after their name but I think it bears
airing. I do not use it because those are the rules. They are in writing.
What is NOT in writing however, is the spirit that we all, as genealogists
and as kin of those valiant Loyalists, have inherited from these pioneers.
Not all of them got that spirit - unfortunately.
Don Treadwell
A Loyalist in spirit if not documentation.

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