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Subject: Fw: [NJSUSSEX-L] Loyalists having Sussex Co., property confiscated A-G
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Here's an interesting cross- post.

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Subject: [NJSUSSEX-L] Loyalists having Sussex Co., property confiscated A-G

"List of Loyalists that had their real property confiscated by the state
of New Jersey in the years 1777 thru 1784. All properties located in
Sussex county. The list was compiled by William Gaston, an official of
the state of New Jersey who was the overseer for land confiscation
The above names are not in alphabetical order but were put down in
the same order as they are listed in William Gaston's Ledger. Gaston
listed all claims under the individual names of the Loyalists that lost
their property, noting the claimants name and the amounts due him. The
value of the property is also listed and whether there were sufficient
monies available to satisfy the debt owed. In most cases the demands
were met. Two hundred and fifty names are indicated on the list, of
that number only twelve are from Sussex county, the majority seem to be
from Monmouth, Middlesex and Essex. All New Jersey counties are
represented. I put down the original townships where these men resided,
in the period the ledger covers. The reason for my doing so was to
illustrate how prevalent Absentee Landlordism was in those days and to
show great tracts of land were held for speculative purposes. The
original ledger is in the Archives of the New Jersey State Library,
Trenton. - Theodore V. Brush, April 12, 197?, Lakewood, NJ"

Transcribed by Cathy DiPietro from photocopy available at Main Library,
Frankford, NJ. There are no amounts, page numbers or other info on this
copy. I have no further information about any of these names.

Name Township County or State
Allen, Isaac Trenton Hunterdon
Allen, Joseph Dover Moumouth
Ashfield, Vincent Essex
Alston, David Woodbridge Middlesex
Atkinson, Moses Salem
Arrowsmith, Joseph Somerset
Atwood, Benjamin Hardwicke Sussex
Barnes, John Trenton Hunterdon
Bainbridge, Absalom Maidenhead Hunterdon
Boggs, James (Dr.?) Shrewsbury Monmouth
Bailey, Joseph Middletown Monmouth
Bowne, John Middletown Monmouth
Barron, Ellis Woodbridge Middlesex
Barberie, Peter Perth Amboy Middlesex
Bunnel, Isaac Perth Amboy Middlesex
Bois (Boice), Jacob Middlesex
Barbarie, Andrew Perth Amboy Middlesex
Banks, Joseph Essex
Browne, Rev. Isaac Newark Essex
Bruen, Thomas Newark Essex
Beatty, Francis Morris
Browne, Dr. Peter Newark Essex
Bedel, Israel Middletown Monmouth & Staten Island
Benson, Christopher Bergen
Barnet, Ichabod Middletown Monmouth
Baynard (Byard), William Bergen
Barton, Joseph Newton Sussex
Barber, Hugh Hopewell Cumberland
Bowen, Daniel Rhodestown Salem
Boyle, Anthony Hardwicke Sussex
Beach, Ezekiel Mendham Morris
Bowlby, Edward Morris
Bowlby, John Morris
Bell, John Somerset
Brinkman, Rynehart
Coxe, Daniel Trenton Hunterdon
Cochran, Richard Windsor Middlesex
Carty, John Burlington
Cottrel, John Middletown Monmouth
Clark, Cornelius Middlesex
Clark, Alexander Freehold Monmouth
Coon, Richard
Collins, James New Brunswick Middlesex
Combs, Dennis Middlesex
Clawson, Jonathan Woodbridge Middlesex
Campbell, Robert Sussex
Connelly, John
Campbell, Duncan Essex
Cowgill or Cougle, John Newton Sussex
Crowell, Richard Wantage Sussex
Courtright, Solomon Wantage Sussex
Cole, Daniel Greenwich Sussex
Cayford, Richard Hopewell Cumberland
Cunliffe, Joseph Morris
Cowperwaithe, Hugh Pittsgrove Salem
Chew, Jonathan Gloucester
Compton, Richard Somerset
Drake, Randolph Middlesex
Dugan, Henry Oxford Sussex
Dove, John Wantage Sussex
Drake, Benjamin Piscataway Middlesex
DeLancey, Oliver New York
Drummond, Robert Aquakinmuck Essex
DuBois, Peter Newark Essex
Duryea, John Hackensack Bergen
Dykeman, Cornelius Bergen
Davenport, Humphrey Morris
Dunham, Asher Hanover Morris
Demayne, William Morristown Morris
Drake, William Somerset
Dungan, ?dwar Bergen
Dunn, Benjamin Piscataway Middlesex
Foster, Ebenezer Woodbridge Middlesex
Fitz Randolph, Robert Woodbridge Middlesex
Ford, John Woodbridge Middlesex
Farrand, Stephen Newark Essex
Gisebertson, Gisebert Upper Freehold Monmouth
Goslin, David Perth Amboy Middlesex
Graham, Robert Middlesex
Gach, Philip Middlesex
Greenfield, Lewis Newark Essex
Garrabrants, Garrabrant Essex
Green, William Oxford Sussex
Gruff, John Gloucester

To be continued
Cathy DiPietro, NJSussex List Admin

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