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Hi Carolyn,
I think the following is your family.
I have a David Smith born ca. 1775, somewhere in the States. I wish I had
more information to give you on David and the family he descends from.
Here is what little I do have:
David born ca. 1775, died 29 Aug 1861 in Gainsborough Twp, Lincoln County.
He married Mary?, she died 15 Mar 1848, in Gainsborough, they are both
buried at St. Ann's Presbyterian Cemetery, in Gainsborough.

In a Misc. book from Esther Summers of Beaver Dams, in Niagara:
"Roll 265 under 14 ............. #20 David Smith of Gainsboro, born Jersey,
emigrated to Upper Canada in 1800 - is 49 with wife and 9 children. Received
a grant 4 years ago for 100 acres and is petitioning for more. 17 Mar 1824.
Reverse: Grant 8 Sept 1819 located in Esquesing. OC 100 acres in addition, 6
Apr 1824."

David and Mary lived on Lot 20 concession 5 in Gainsborough Twp, Lincoln
County, Ontario, which they purchased (not a Crown Grant).
Children (I might not have the right order):
David Jr., John, Matthew, Robert, Elizabeth, Charles, Ann, Mary, and

John lived in Erin Twp, County of Wellington and it looks like Matthew,
Robert and Thompson lived in Erin too.
Elizabeth married John Root and they also lived in Erin.
Mary married a Boughman (sic) and it looks like they lived in Erin.

2ndly; David married Isabella Evans, widow, ca. 1850 (my 3rd great

Does anyone have more information................... I would love to know
Elizabeth Robbins

PS: I do have other information.

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>I am sorry if this is a duplicate. I sent one out from a Yahoo account and
>did not see it copied to me and I have not received any responses. Please
>let me know if this is not an appropriate email. Thanks
> Hello,
> I have just joined this group and hopefully someone will have information
> that could help me provide details/confirmation of my ancestors and that
> they were Empire Loyalists. I would appreciate any stories, etc. about
> them.
> Let me know if this is not the appropriate place to send this email.
> I have always been told that some of my forefathers were Empire Loyalists.
> Information I have received is:
> "Originally the Smith family were Irish, but during troubled times in
> Ireland, they moved to Holland. Some time later they came across the
> ocean on the Mayflower and they settled in Pennsylvania. They were
> Quakers.
> In the American Revolution, a group who were loyal to England formed a
> group and they became known as the United Empire Loyalists. These Smiths
> were United Empire Loyalists. They came to Canada via Niagara Falls
> beginning in 1774 from Pennsylvania.
> Among the group, there were 4 brothers - David, Matthew(sp?), John and
> Robert. The wife of one of them (Matthew) walked through Iroquois country
> with 2 small children and expecting a baby who was born after she arrived
> in Canada and was our forefather David Smith born in 1775.
> John, Matthew and David Smith came up to Willington Township, around
> Erin."
> I have also been told that the young ensign(?) beside Wolfe in the
> painting of Wolfe dying was one of my ancestors but have no further
> details on this.
> My connection is said to be David Smith (born 1775), son Matthew Smith
> (born Jan 31, 1798), son Henry Smith (born Dec 21, 1824)
> Thank you very much for any information you might have regarding this.
> Carolyn Hansen (nee Smith)
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