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From: Dale Updike <>
Subject: [UPDIKE] Hoesem/Husum
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 20:56:29 -0600

Here is an online map showing exactly where Hoesem (NOW spelled HUSUM)
in Schleswig-Holstein is:
This is definitely the place where Louris Jansen op Dijk said under
oath, that he was born about 1606. The two court documents state plainly
that it was in Schleswig. I have copies of the court documents.

Schleswig-Holstein was an area that changed hands a few times in
previous centuries. It is now part of Denmark. I have some info in the
notes on my site that I posted earlier today about the problems with the
dikes due to furious storms in the Hoesem area about the time Louris
Jansen was born (abt. 1606). They called on people from the Netherlands
to help them, and I'd bet dollars to donuts that Jan op Dijk, Louris'
dad was one who went to work there. He probably took his family, and
Louris just happened to have been born there. According to the documents
doscovered by Leonard Eckstein Opdycke, who did the European research
for Charles Wilson Opdyke (author of The Op Dyck Genealogy) - Elburg,
Gelderland was the only place he found that people of the 'op Dijk' name
had lived for centuries. So my guess is that Jan op Dijk probably grew
up there until he went to Hoesem; he may have moved back to Elburg after
the dike repair project was finished.

Gysbert op den Dyck, born in Wesel, Rhenish Prussia (on modern maps in
Germany now) in 1605 was /probably/ descended from the same DUTCH family
as Louris (because of the 'op den Dike/Dijk' name) - there are NO dikes
near Wesel, so some ancestor must have come from near the sea where
there were dikes; my guess would be the Netherlands, possibly/probably
even the Elburg area.


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