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From: John Helmut Merz <>
Subject: [UPP-CAN] Hessians of Upper Canada - Settlers part 4:
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 20:47:27 -0700

Continuing with the alphabetical listings of those early Upper Canada
settlers from the German auxiliary troops who served for King George III
and remained here after the American Revolution, last name on previous
installment was Johann Nicolaus KRECKEL, also known as Kroekel, who
settled in the Marysburgh Ts., Prince Edward County, Ontario.

LANDWEHR, Jacob (Lantwire/Lautwire)
LENTZ, Jacob (Lans)
LEPS, John (Lipps/Loebs)
LILLY, Gottfried (Lilly, Charles Gotthilf)
LINSS, Friedrich Wilhelm (Linch)
LISBORNE, John (Lisbourne/Libour/Neighbour)
LOEWE, Joseph
LOTZ, Georg
LOTZ, Johannes (Lutz/Lotz/Lutes)
LUDWIG, Friedrich
LUTZ/LOTZ, Johannes (Lutts/Lutes, John)
MAUCK, Caspar
MAUCK, Gottlieb (Mauk/Mark/Mack/Manck/Mouch)
MEINECKE, Friedrich (Manike/Menske/Munich/Monekay)
MEINECKE, Johann (Minnicker/Minaker/Minnicke/Monnecke)
MENSKE, Johann (Mencke/Meisuke)
MERCKEL, Heinrich (Merckle/Mercle/Merkley)
MERCKEL, Johann (Mercmel/Merekel)
METSCH, Johann (Metch/Metcher/Metz)
METZLER, Peter (his wife Rebecca Metsler)
MEYER, Christian (Meyers/Myer/Myers)
MEYER, Johann Georg
MILTON, John (Millon)
MOEGEL, Gottlieb (Mikel, Godlove)
MOELLER, Andreas (Moler, Andrew)
MOELLER, Henrich
MOST, John
MUELLER, Johann (Miller/Meller/Moeller)
MUELLER, Ulrich (Muller)
MUTH, Johann Anton (Moote)
NEUWALD, Friedrich (Newald/Neavalt/Neevolt/Niewald/Nechwald)
ORBEL, Konrad (Orbele/Orble/Orpel/Orbit/Orpet)
OTTO, Gottfried

All these names taken from my book "Hessians of Upper Canada",
published and copyrighted 1997.
John Helmut Merz, http://www.cgo.wave.ca/~hessia

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