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From: "Mike & Barb" <>
Subject: [UPP-CAN] Botting/Hawke/Seal/Ball/Lye/Fraser/Stewart/Crane/Bailey/Clark
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 18:55:44 -0800

Hello fellow listers!
It's time once again to submit my surname interests. Those of 'us' (and we
are plenty!) searching the following names have the parents of the following
SEAL children as John & Elizabeth SEAL and, although we are certain that
Alice, Elizabeth and Mary are sisters, the father for "John", the younger
may be Peter SEAL and the parents for "Sarah" are probably Joseph & Martha
SEAL, but I have included her since there may be 2 of them. (?!)

Elizabeth SEAL(S) was listed in the 1871 Ontario Directory for Hamilton, as
the widow of John. Her address was 85 West Main. We speculate that John
died shortly before this Directory was compiled, but have been unable to
establish his birth or death information.

Alternative spellings include: SEEL, SEELS, SEALE, SEALS, SEALES, SALE &

Descendants of John SEAL Immigrant to Canada

1. John SEAL b. England, received land in Medonte Township, Simcoe County,
as a Discharged Soldier of the 12th Regiment of Foot in 1832.
sp: Elizabeth (m.Unknown;b. circa 1803 in England, d.25 Dec

2. Mary SEAL (b.1835 Upper Canada d.23 Jun 1899 in Coldwater, Simcoe,
sp: Henry HAWKE (b.1830-Cornwall,England;m.Abt 1852;d.17 Sep 1897-Medonte
Township,Simcoe County,Ontario)
3. Peter Edward HAWKE (b.11 Aug 1852-Medonte Township,Simcoe
County,Ontario;d.7 Mar 1917-Tay Township,Simcoe County,Ontario)
3. William Henry HAWKE (b.18 Jan 1854-Medonte Township,Simcoe
County,Ontario;d.23 Jan 1919)
3. Robert R (Bob) HAWKE (b.24 Mar 1864-Coldwater,Medonte Township,Simcoe
County,Ontario;d.2 Jun 1933)
3. John (Jack) HAWKE (b.Abt 1855-Medonte Township,Simcoe County,Ontario)
3. Joseph Roland HAWKE (b.Abt 1859-Coldwater,Medonte Township,Simcoe
3. James W HAWKE (b.1870-Coldwater,Medonte Township,Simcoe
3. Charles Wesley HAWKE (b.4 Mar 1874-Coldwater,Medonte Township,Simcoe
3. Alfred HAWKE (b.Abt 1860-Coldwater,Medonte Township,Simcoe
County,Ontario;d.21 May 1941-Orillia,Simcoe County,Ontario)

2. Elizabeth SEAL (b.13 Jan 1837-Upper Canada;d.9 Jul 1912-Coldwater,
Simcoe, Ontario)
sp: William BOTTING (b.3 Sep 1824-Yorkshire(?),England;d.16 Nov
1904-Coldwater, Simcoe, Ontario)
3. George BOTTING (b.30 Oct 1857;d.20 Jan 1924-Coldwater)
sp: Ellen Elina/Alina HAWKE (b.1857-Coldwater;m.20 Nov 1877;d.1938)
3. Jane Elizabeth BOTTING (b.3 Jun 1859-Barrie,Ontario;d.19 Feb
sp: William LYE (b.7 Mar 1844-Hull,Yorkshire,England;m.25 Mar 1890;d.7
Mar 1922-Coldwater)
3. William Isaac BOTTING (b.16 Nov 1861-Barrie,Ontario;d.13 May
1911-Skeleton Lake)
sp: Margaret (Maggie) FRASER (m.7 Mar 1882)
3. Alice BOTTING (b.1862;d.28 Jun 1863-Cribdeath)
3. John BOTTING (b.1864;d.12 Sep 1874)
3. Albert BOTTING (b.28 May 1869-Coldwater, Simcoe; Ontario d.31 Dec
sp: Jennie FRASER

2. Alice SEAL (b.8 May 1840-Upper Canada;d.22 Nov 1924)
sp: Joseph BALL (b.1834;m.8 Oct 1857;d.31 Jan 1916)
3. John BALL
3. Olive BALL
sp: D. G. CLARK (m.Unknown)
3. W. M. BALL

2. Harriett SEALS (b.Abt 1837,Upper Canada)
sp: David STEWART (b.25 Dec 1821-Victoria Harbour,Tay Township,Simcoe
County,Ontario;m.1858;d.5 Oct 1908)
3. Charles STEWART (b.Abt 1879-Victoria Harbour,Tay Township,Simcoe
3. Robert Roland STEWART (b.1877-Coulson,Medonte Twp,Simcoe

2. John SEAL (b.Abt.1840, Upper Canada)
sp: Susan CRANE (m.1858)

2. Sarah SEAL (b.Abt.1845, Upper Canada)
sp: William BAILEY (m. 1875, Renfrew, Ontario)

Please, if any names sound familiar, feel free to contact me.
Warmest wishes,
Barb Spicer

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