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From: Al Henderson <>
Subject: [UPPER-CANADA] Looking for early VANSICKLE & McGAW
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 21:38:46 -0700

Hello, all;

I guess it's time for me to quite "lurking" and start looking. This
message contains both requests for info' ... and an offer, as well, for
researchers of these families.

Although I have many Loyalists in my ancestry (along with a few
"opportunists" from the same era), I am focusing, right now, on just two
surnames -- McGAW and VANSICKLE. In a nutshell, for those in a hurry, I
will simply ask that, if any of you come across either surname,
including variants of the latter (Sickles, Vansickler, etc.), in your
research travels, to please make a note and send it off to me. I'm
referring to pre-1850 mentions, of which you are not likely to come
across much ... so my request isn't quite so broad and presumptious as
it might, at first, look (*grin*). And, now, for the rest of you ... a
little detail.


My gr-gr-grandmother was Hannah McLEAN, whose parents, supposedly, were
William McLEAN (b.1790) and Jennie McGAW (b.1790). "Jennie" has been a
real stumper for me, so far. Family lore has it that she was from
Ireland ... although, certainly, the reality could be just that she was
of Irish extraction. Of course, her real name could be Jane or Janet
(or Jennet) or ... who knows? So far, the only McGAWs that I have found
details for in "Canada", in the very early 1800s, are members of the
family of one Patrick McGAW, a UEL from the state of Pennsylvannia
(according to one item filed with his Petition for land in Upper
Canada), later found living in Clinton. In his petition, from 1797, he
states that he has "a wife and nine children in the Province", "is 52
years old and an Irishman born". This is, likely, the same Patrick
Megaue that the "Annals of the Forty" lists as being buried in the
Beamsville Baptist Churchyard. (Does anyone have a photo' of that?)

I have copies of the petitions from several of his children: Elizabeth
(ROSS), Hugh, William, Jane (not enough info' to tell whether or not she
is my "Jennie") and John. (I am missing, still, a petition from Patrick
-- Jr.? -- in 1841 and one from Charles.)

Also, the Upper Canada Land Books mention Thomas (a private in the Royal
Artillery), Catherine, Charles (son of a UEL), Alexander (son of a UEL),
Patrick (son of a UEL), Hugh (son of a UEL), William (son of a UEL),
Jane (daughter of a UEL), Mary BUCKNER (wife of Martin and daughter of
Patrick McGAW, UEL), Eleanor BUCKNER (wife of Lewis and daughter of
Patrick McGAW, UEL) and John (son of Patrick McGAW, UEL). No other
relationship details are given, therein.

"Jennie" McGAW could, of course, be the grand-daughter (rather than
daughter) of Patrick Sr. -- he being born around 1743.

Obviously, my primary interest lies in identifying the parentage of my
Jennie McGAW ... but, just in case I am looking at the right bunch (ie:
Patrick Sr. and family) I am interested in anything on them, as well.

As for VANSICKLE ... I actually have two families of that name in my
ancestry. For the descendants and siblings of William Closson V., see
my chart at:
<http://homepages.rootsweb.com/%7Ealanita/vansicklechart.html>; [soon
to be updated]
If you know anything about this family -- William C's parents,
especially, but any part of the family-at-large, as well -- do please
drop me a line.

My other interest in VANSICKLE is through my gr-gr-grandmother, Mary
Jane V. -- daughter of David and Hannah (CROWELL ?). Now, I suspect
this David is the grandson of Isaac VANSICKLE Sr., UEL. I have a lot of
info' on Isaac's family, through Petitions from him and many of his
children as well as his will. So far, however, I have not found enough
"proof" that David, grandson of Isaac, is the same person as David,
father of Mary Jane. I mean ... I "feel" that I am right ... but that
is not "proof".

If you know anything about these VANSICKLEs (or others, including
variant spellings, because I am tryin to help some other folks sort
these lines out, too) ... again, please drop me a note.

Finally ... the offer. I have collected materials on these families
(the McGaws and Vansickles) that may be of interest to other
researchers. I will, eventually, have everything online as I get back
to work on my website(s). In the meantime, however, if you have an
interest in these lines and would like copies of any of the Petitions
(etc.) that I have, just drop me a line. In the interst of "Karmic
Balance", it's yours for the asking. (After all ... I have received a
lot of data the same way, from other researchers -- maybe even some of you.)

If you have read this far, thank you ... and I suggest you take some
time away from your computer, now (heh, heh). I appreciate any and all
help -- no matter how seemingly small. (They really do all add up!)

Cheers -
Al Henderson
Quesnel, British Columbia

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