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Subject: RE: [UPTON-L] MARY UPTON married WILLIAM VAUGHN about 1780
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Parent's of the James Upton you asked about.
Additional info available on each child marked with "#"...total file is 500+

Pat Hill

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> 3.a John Upton, b. abt. 1710, Probably England (possibly Ireland)
> d. 1783, Richmond Co., Georgia
> Parents: Unknown
> Wife: Elizabeth Roberts, (17??-after ca. 1794)
> John was probably born in England around 1710. Nothing has been found to
> confirm either his place or year of birth, nor is anything known of his
> parents. Son James is listed as the second son of John Upton, but may well
> have been the first, which could be a clue to his father's name.
> John is believed to have first settled in or near a Quaker Community in
> the New Castle District of Delaware, which was then claimed by both
> Maryland and Pennsylvania. He may have been a Quaker, or became a Quaker
> after going to "Pennsylvania". A large Quaker settlement existed in the
> New Castle District of Delaware. Many members of this settlement moved to
> the Orange Co., NC area about 1754, and still later to St. Paul Parish,
> Georgia, where they established the settlement of Wrightsborough in 1769
> (about 40 miles East of Augusta, GA). This closely matches the travels and
> times of John and his family. It is also possible that John was not
> actually a Quaker, but followed this Quaker group because it included his
> wife's family, namely the family of the Quaker Thomas Roberts.
> John may have lived a few miles away from the Delaware Quaker settlement
> in adjoining Maryland. He may also be the John Upton who appears on a 1733
> Maryland tax list. John likely married in this area, in the late 1730's,
> presumbably to Elizabeth Roberts; however, it is possible that he could
> have first married someone else, then married Elizabeth some years later.
> The births of his children seem to span 35+ years, possibly indicating he
> may have had an earlier wife, then married a younger Elizabeth. Elizabeth
> was the daughter of the Quaker Thomas Roberts III, who died in South
> Carolina in 1787, which also may indicate she may have been too young to
> have been John's first wife.
> One of John's grandsons, (David W. Upton of Georgia) said on the 1880
> Census that his father (Robert) was born in Maryland (Robert was probably
> born in the late 1740's). New Castle Co., Delaware borders on Maryland
> and at the time was claimed by both Maryland and Pennsylvania. One of
> John's great-grandsons, William Richard Upton, (son of David W.) states,
> in a ca. 1888 correspondence to author William Henry Upton, that his
> great-grandfather came from England and settled in "Ma". The author
> assumes "Ma" to mean Massachusetts, however, it was probably an incorrect
> abbreviation for Maryland. A John Upton did settle in Mass. in the early
> 1600's (family #1) and another in Virginia, (later in Coastal NC), about
> 1698 (family #2). No connection is found to either of those families.
> Many of the Delaware Quakers removed to the Orange Co. NC area in 1754.
> This area, known as the "Cain Creek Meeting" included what later became
> Moore and Chatham Counties and surrounding areas. The Upton's probably
> initially went to that area, however, they are believed to have relocated
> to the Holston River area (now in Eastern Tennessee) which was then in
> North Carolina. They are said to have been in that area before 1765,
> (possibly as early as 1759), a time when the area was Cherokee Indian
> lands, generally off limits to white settlers. The only whites in the area
> at that time were a few Quaker families. One of John's son, George W.
> Upton, said on his application for a Revolutionary War Pension that "his
> parents had told him, he was born on the Holston River in 1765". Other
> evidence indicates his birth was probably closer to 1759.
> By 1765 John had apparently returned to the "Cain Creek Meeting" area in
> North Carolina. A John Upton was granted land on Rockfish Creek in Bladin
> County in 1765. It is unclear if this was John Sr. or his son John.
> Another son, Robert Upton, was also granted land on the same creek in
> 1767.
> Son James sold land in this area in 1770.
> John's son Richard and his wife Sarah were both received into the North
> Carolina "Cain Creek Meeting" of Quakers "by certificate from the Dunn's
> Creek Meeting" in 1765. The Dunn's Creek Meeting was in Cape Fear, NC.
> Other family members are not mentioned at this time. However, sons
> Edward, Richard, and Richard's children are later found in the "Cain
> Creek, Springfield and Holly Springs Meeting" records beginning in 1787,
> after they returned from Georgia.
> Sons John, David, and Robert apparently remained in this area of NC when
> the rest of the family moved to Georgia. John settled in Moore Co., Robert
> in Robeson Co. and David in Chatham County, NC. Son James is believed to
> have come to Georgia but may have returned to North Carolina before going
> on to Kentucky.
> Many of the "Cain Creek Quakers" moved on to settle the town of
> Wrightsborough, Georgia, in St. Pauls Parish in 1769 and 1770. John along
> with his wife Elizabeth and sons Richard, Edward, Benjamin, Phillip,
> George W., and William Upton apparently arrived in Georgia in early 1769
> (sons James and Tobias are believed to have been born later in Georgia).
> Zachariah (believed to be John's brother) had settled along the Savannah
> River in 1756 and his son George was already living in the area where
> Wrightsborough was established.
> John petitioned, and was granted, 100 acres of land in St. Paul's Parish
> in March 1769, 1771 and 1772. The first two grants expired because he
> failed to settle the land. Sons Richard, Edward, and Benjamin all
> petitioned for, and were granted land in St. Paul's Parish in May 1769.
> Son Robert also apparently was briefly in Georgia. A 1792 deed refers to
> land "adjoining land surveyed for Robert Upton". No record has been
> located of an actual grant or the date of Robert's survey.
> No record has been found of Phillip or George W. owning land prior to the
> War of Independence (Pre-War grants to George Upton were to the son of
> Zachariah Upton). After the Revolution, Phillip, Edward and George W.
> Upton were all granted land as Georgia soldiers. Phillip was granted
> 287.5 acres in Washington Co. in 1784, and at least 300 acres in Richmond
> Co. in 1785 and 1788 grants. Edward received 287.5 acres in Franklin Co.
> in 1784 and George was granted land in Richmond (later became Columbia,
> then Warren Co.) Son Robert served with the NC troops in the Revolutionary
> War. Earlier histories also have son John as a North Carolina
> Revolutionary Solider, but careful study of the records indicate this to
> be incorrect. No record is found of son James owning land in Georgia. He
> apparently went to Kentucky in the late 1790's or early 1800's, where he
> was granted 400 acres in 1806.
> Richard Upton returned to North Carolina, joining his brothers in the
> early 1780's. In a deed recorded 01/03/1785 in Georgia, Richard Upton of
> Randolph Co., N.C., sells his 100 acre, 1774 Georgia land grant to his
> brother George Upton for a token sum of two Pounds Sterling. The deed is
> witnessed by John Upton in NC. By 1790, brother Edward had also settled
> in Moore Co, NC, although he apparently later returned to Georgia. The
> 1790 Census shows Richard in Moore County, NC living next to his brother
> Edward, (who returned to Georgia before 1800). Also next to Richard and
> Edward was John Upton (3.aaa), son of their brother John (3.aa), with his
> mother (Delilah) and siblings. His father John (3.aa) is believed to have
> died between his witnessing the 1785 deed and the 1790 Census.
> John Upton Sr. died in Richmond Co., Ga. His widow Elizabeth was
> appointed Administrator of John's Estate in Richmond County on June 5,
> 1783. He is said by one source to be buried in (then adjoining) Wilkes
> Co., Georgia, (No verification can be found).
> While the Upton's lived in and around the Quaker Community at
> Wrightsborough, none of them is ever mentioned in the extensive records of
> that Quaker Group. It is possible that John and his family were not
> Quakers, or had left the faith by this time. Although sons Richard and
> Edward later appear in the "Cain Creek" records after they return to North
> Carolina.
> Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Roberts III, a Quaker, who died in
> 1787, in Columbia, SC. "The SC and GA Quakers", by Wm. F. Medin, 1982,
> names Thomas Roberts' sons as; William, Thomas, John, Amos, Absolom; and
> his married daughters as Mary Justice, Elizabeth UPTON, Rebecca Nobles and
> Rachel Nobles. The Roberts family lived just across the Savannah River
> from John Upton's family.
> No marriage license or family record is known to exist to prove that
> Thomas Robert's daughter, Elizabeth Upton, is the same as John Upton's
> wife Elizabeth. However, the evidence appears overwhelming to me. The two
> families lived only a few miles apart, separated by the Savannah River,
> and
> no other Upton is known to have lived in either State at the time. Also,
> no record has been found of any of the other southern Upton families
> having any ties to the Quaker faith and outside of the New England Upton
> families, no other Uptons are known to have had a wife named Elizabeth in
> the 1780's. John and Elizabeth also named one of their first sons Robert,
> (a much less common given name at that time) from her family name. And
> possibly most convincing, their son George W. Upton and his wife Charity
> named one of their daughters Rachel, after his Aunt Rachel (Roberts)
> NOBLES. That daughter Rachel, may have then named her son JOHN NOBLE
> UPTON, although there is some doubt about the middle name.
> Lastly, several of John and Elizabeth's sons (and possibly Elizabeth
> herself) are known to have left Georgia in the late 1780's or early 1790's
> and gone to South Carolina. Perhaps Elizabeth went to South Carolina to
> care for an aging, widowed mother? Son George married in the Pendleton
> District of SC in 1795, and sons Phillip and William were living in that
> District in 1800. Son Tobias became a permanent resident of Columbia, SC.
> Elizabeth's father, Thomas Roberts III, appears to have lived in the old
> "96 District" of South Carolina. The 96 District included Edgefield Co.
> (just across the Savannah River from the Upton's home) and Pendleton
> County. The 1790 Census appears to list his sons Absolom and Thomas in
> Edgefield Co.; and sons Amos and William in Pendleton County. A John
> Roberts was in Edgefield Co. and two were in Pendleton County. Several
> other Roberts families in both counties of the 96 District were likely
> grandsons.
> Mary Roberts, apparently a widow, lived near Absolom, John and Thomas in
> Edgefield County in 1790. She may have been the widow of Thomas Roberts
> III, and the mother of Elizabeth Upton. Also in her home were 4 other
> females and a male under 16. If Mary was Elizabeth's mother, the household
> may have include Elizabeth and her youngest son Tobias.
> William R. Upton, great-grandson of John, states in the 1893 Upton History
> that "old John was a gunsmith" (as were his son George W. and grandsons
> Nathaniel and Phillip) and "that he had fourteen sons and two daughters".
> No absolute proof can be presented to establish beyond all doubt that any
> of those listed as the second generation of this family were the sons of
> John and Elizabeth. However, circumstantial evidence of places, names,
> times and association seems to tie them together as 11 of the 14 sons of
> John and Elizabeth Upton. Except for George W. Upton , the ages of John's
> children are unknown and are estimated based on known events in their
> lives and some limited Census information.
> (exact order is unknown, but this listing is probably close, except I
> think there is a strong possibility that James was the first child)
> Three other sons were said to have existed by William R. Upton in 1890.
> Some or all probably died young. No record has been located of them.
> CHILDREN (Probably born Maryland/Delaware):
> #3.aa John Upton, (ca.1738-1789)
> -m. Delilah _______ (1743-aft.1810), Cumberland Co., NC abt 1772
> -John built and operated a Grist mill in "Fayette Ville", NC
> -he apparently died in Moore Co., North Carolina, where Widow
> Delilah and their children lived in 1790.
> #3.ab James Upton, (ca.1740-after 1806)
> -James may have been the first child and may be named for John's
> -the first record of James is a 1770 deed in Bladen Co., NC where
James was the seller of land in the same area where
brothers John
and Robert then lived.

> #3.ac David Upton, (ca.1742-1800/10)
> -married _____, (possibly Lavinia)
> -settled and died in Chatham Co. NC
> #3.ad Richard Upton, (ca.1744-1790/99)
> -married Sarah _____
> -settled and died in Moore Co. NC
> #3.ae Benjamin Upton, (ca.1746-1821)
> -married Judith Wilkes
> -settled and died in Warren Co. GA
> #3.af Robert Upton, (ca. 1748-1819),
> -married Anna Copeland
> -Served NC in Revolutionary War
> -settled and died in Robeson Co. NC
> #3.ag Edward Upton, (ca.1750-after 1798)
> -Served GA in Revolutionary War
> -married Mrs. Mary Eaton (a widow)
> -lived in Georgia, moved to NC, then later returned to Georgia where
he probably died.

> #3.ah Phillip Upton, (ca.1752-after 1813)
> -Served GA in Revolutionary War
> -married Rachael _____
> -lived in Georgia, moved to South Carolina in the late 1790's, he
returned to Georgia in the early 1800's, then moved to Overton
before 1813. He probably died in Overton Co. TN before

> 3.ai Sarah Upton, (17??- Unk)
> -Probably married in Georgia or South Carolina.
> -No further record.
> (born Holston River, NC)
> #3.aj George W. Upton, (1759-02/20/1854)
> -Served GA in Revolutionary War in battles near Augusta
> -married Charity Barrow, in 1795, in SC
> -lived in Georgia, moved to South Carolina in the late 1790's, then
> returned to Georgia in the early 1800's, then moved to Overton
> Co.,
TN, then returned to Georgia in the early 1800's, later
moved to
> -died Dekalb Co., Alabama, age about 95.
> #3.ak William Upton, (1760/70-1830/40)
> -married Nancy ________
> -lived in Georgia, moved to South Carolina in the late 1790's, then
> returned to Georgia in the early 1800's, moved to Overton Co., TN
before 1813. William probably died in Overton Co., TN

> 3.al Elizabeth Upton, (17??- Unk)
> -birth order unknown
> -"Betsy" married Samuel Wilkins on 04/17/1808 in Georgia.
> -No further record.
> (born St. Paul's Parish, Georgia)
> #3.am Tobias Upton, (1775-1850/60)
> -married Sarah _______
> -probably went to SC with his mother and/or brothers in the 1790's.
> Tobias appears to have remained in South Carolina after his
brothers left for Tennessee.

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