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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [ABChat] Discussion: Grievance Policies and Procedures
Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 18:56:01 -0400

The following is presented by Phyllis Rippee and is posted here at
her request and with her permission.



Currently there are only three Grievance Committee members, instead
of the seven (7) required. There is no one serving as Grievance

There is no provision in the Grievance Policies and Procedures to
cover a situation like this.

Therefore, because the AB has the authority to amend the Grievance
Policies and Procedures as long as nothing contradicts the Bylaws, I
propose the following be considered as a motion:


In the event the Grievance Coordinator position becomes open, the
Grievance Committee members shall choose one of its members to serve
either as Grievance Coordinator or as Grievance Coordinator pro tem.
The process of replacing Grievance Committee members will then be
followed to fill the vacancies. In the event the Grievance
Committee does not begin this process within 5-business days of the
Grievance Coordinator's position becoming open, the Advisory Board
shall initiate the process of selecting and appointing a Grievance
Coordinator to serve for a term of six (6) months.

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