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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [ABChat] Next agenda item(s)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 08:33:43 -0500

The next agenda item was orginally opened for discussion on
August 23rd. There are actually three items that all pertain
to the Election Committee in some fashion, one of them being
new business. Would those Board members that placed these
items on the agenda, please open the disucssion.

-- Contact information inclusion of USGenWeb Project members on
their USGenWeb Project pages.

-- Discussion and clarification of the EC role in determining a
member's eligibility to vote [Discussion opened by Chair on
August 23, 2008];

-- Discussion and clarification of the role and
responsibilities of the State Coordinators in helping the
Election Committee develop an up-to-date lists of members
[Discussion opened by Chair on August 23, 2008].


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