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From: "Scott Burow" <>
Subject: Re: [USGW-GPC] Procedures
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 13:45:59 -0600
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> Knowing that sometimes things "look good" on paper, but when put into use,
> fall apart or are awkward or impractical. Is there any way that the
> policy can be adopted for a trial period of 6 mo. or 1 year, input from
> the GC taken at the end of that time (what worked, what fell apart, etc.)
> and revisions made?

That's something that I hadn't thought about Sharyl. Should there be a
section in there somewhere that the the process or procedures (whichever one
chooses to call it) can be amended by the GC with the approval of the AB?
No matter what we all think of to include, I'm sure that situations will
arise that gives those involved an indication of what will work better and
what can be improved. I think we should give the process the ability to
grow and adapt to changing circumstance.

> Maybe I should ask first -- by what process will the new policy be
> adopted? Does the entire USGenWeb membership need to vote on it?

As I understood it, our final product will be sent to the AB for approval
and adoption. As the elected representatives of the project, the AB should
vote based upon the input from their constituents. I was not under the
impression that it would be placed before the entire membership for
approval. Perhaps those AB members or our NC can shed some light on the
specifics of that part of the process.

> Please define "Billet Announcements" in Section 2. Wikipedia defines it
> as: Disambiguation, or the process of resolving ambiguity-meaning the
> conflicts that occur when articles about two or more different topics have
> the same "natural" title.

Agreed. See my prior reply. What would everyone like to see this called?
Please don't say "Disambiguation", because I can't pronounce it. <G>


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