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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 17:56:44 GMT

Hi, I am upgrading from wetv. to aol I have subscrited to this list on my new pc with this address I have not received anything yet. Do you think you can hellp me out? Thank you very much Jim

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Greetings to the List,......this info may be of interest to some, and to some it maybe boring .....but I'll throw it out here and you'all can decide. Most of this comes from my research of the "Ugly Ducklings"...or Liberty Ships.

Crew accommodations aboard the "Liberty Ships" wer incorporated in the midships house or superstructure, which was three decks high, and in a house aft, on the fantail. the bridge deck of the midships house contained the navigation bridge running from side to side at the forward end.
Quarters for deck officers and engineers were located on the boat deck while those of the crew, with up to four men per cabin, were on the main deck. Officers bunks were built in and normally made of wood, while the crew berths and hospital bunks were made of pipe framing. the officers' messroom or saloon was on the main deck at the forward end, cent, of the midships house while the petty officers', crews' and armed guard messes were on the port side of the main deck. Bulkheads dividing staterooms, passages, messrooms, offices and so on were made of 1 1/8 in. plywood. Ships furniture was made of wood. Each mess was outfitted with an electric hot plate and an electric toaster. The galley was located amidships between the boiler and engine casings. In contained a two-oven coal-fired range, a twenty-five gallon steam-jacketed stock kettle and all the necessary appliances for cooking.

Here is one "Liberty Ship" that didn't make it across on convoy (UGS-4)
MC# 151
Charles C. Pinckney [1746 - 1825] was a South Carolina politician and unsuccessful presidential candidate in the elections of 1804 and 1808.
Builder: North Carolina Shipbuilding Co.
Keel Laid: December 11, 1941
Launched: May 10,1942
Delivered: May 28, 1942
Engine built by: General Machinery Corporation
Operator: American South African Line
Type: Freighter
Voyage: New York to Casablanca, Morocco
Cargo: ammunition, heavy equipment
Passengers: 2 U.S. Army Security Officers
Complement: forty-two, Twenty-nine Armed Guard
Master: Francis T. Woolverton, Jr.

On January 27, 1943 while sailing in convoy (UGS-4) off the Azores, she was torpedoed and damaged by an unknown German submarine. The ship had straggled from the convoy and was hit by a torpedo on the port side near the strn. The resulting explosion blew the bow off from No.1 hold forward.
The ship was stopped and preparations made to abandon. As the sub surfaced to finish off the ship the "Pinckney's" gun crew fired on the sub, hitting her four times and it is believed, sinking her, as no U-boat subsequently claimed to have attacked this ship..
The "Pinckney" was abandoned, then reboarded the following day. A second German submarine (U-514) approached and the crew again abandoned ship in three lifeboats. The sub sank her with torpedoes and gunfire (Lat. 37.40' N, 30. 55W).
The three boats stayed together until the night of January 28 when they were separated. The crew of one boat were picked up on February 8 by the Swiss ship "Caritasi" and landed at Horta, Fayal Island in the Azores. In this boat wer six crew and eight Armed Guard.
They were the only survivors.

I wish you well
Bud Shortridge

U S Naval Fighting Ship History Hobbiest
Always willing to share Information
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