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From: "Edward Andrews" <>
Subject: [UNIONIST-CULTURE] Ulster Covenant
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 20:55:41 -0000
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There had been a number of attempts to introduce Home Rule for Ireland (a
limited measure of what today we would cause devolved government. This was
however seen as being inimical to the situation of the Protestants in the
North East of Ireland.
At various times UK governments required the support of the Irish Home Rule
Bock, and agreed to seek to implement Home Rule. Various Home Rule bills
were defeated in the House of Lords which had a veto on legislation. However
after 1907 the House of Lords could only delay legislation, and the
Government being dependant on the Irish Nationalists introduced a Home Rule
Bill. This was not welcomed in Ulster and the Unionist party organised a
petition against the Home Rule Bill. This was the Ulster Covenant.
It is held in the Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI) at
It is searchable on line and is a great piece of kit. Both my wife and I
have found our grandparents on this site - Read it if you are wanting to
understand the culture.
I have recently come big distances with my Uncle whom I have bow identified
as a member of 14th RIR (Young Citizens Volunteers). As Well as the
petition, the Unionists raised a citizen's army, the Ulster Volunteer Force.
When World War 1 began this was given to the Government and because the
basis for the 36th Ulster Division. It was almost destroyed on the Somme -
which is why the Somme (1 July 1916 is such an important event in the
thoughts of Ulster.)
I have found my Uncle's Commissioning and his medal cards, though I don't
know anything about his mention in Despatches.
Edward Andrews

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My Great-Grandfather's certificate has quite a bit of information on it. I
contacted the organization inquiring about the order and they said they
would mail me their "mission statement." I'm not sure it will be more than
what is already posted on their website but I'll post more information if it
is. At least they confirmed that it was one of their documents.

I haphazardly traced the document I have to his signing of the Ulster
Covenant. Not sure what all this means though...

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