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Hi Teresa,

You may have provided two VERY IMPORANT leads for me.

You state:
This is probably irrelevant, but for some reason I have a lot of men with the last name of Glendening who match my Stewart DNA.

There is another reference for the same land deed in
ca. 1685 where Katherine declares that his son is of
age. I just thought I´d throw in that John Tavener
was involved with John Stewart over 41 pounds of tobacco.
Nothing really outstanding and may not be of importance.

Well, I think the reason that you have Glendening men with DNA that matches your STEWART just might make a connection to
John Glendening m. Ann Mott afterall through their daughter who married Richard White.

If any of below pans out, I'll have you to thank! Would appreciate any feedback on below especially the daughter "Susannah Colston". Can someone please identify Capt. Rawleigh Travers?

Thank you,
Looking at a theory:

I think JOHN TAVERNER in your STEWART record might have been married to Rebecca Travers and she married 2nd Charles Capt. Colston. [Need to research everything following...]

Abstracts of Land Records of Richmond County, Virginia 1692-1704, by Mary Marshall Brewer.

-- 1701. Deed of Lease. RAWLEIGH TRAVERS and SARAH his wife of Farnham Parish Rich Co for 8000 pounds of tobb in caske forme left to JAMES FUSHEE (FUSKEE) of same place ... a 150 a. parcell of land neare Totoskey Cr called Timber Neck and Middle Neck adj Timber Neck Point, the road that leads from WM COLSTON's to Totoskey Mill & land whereon JAMES FUSHEE now lives called Long Neck ... for the term of 99 years paying to the said RAWLEIGH TRAVERS annuall rent of 1 year [sic] of Indian Come att or upon the feast of the Nativity of our Saviour provided it be lawfully demanded. Wit: THO BEALL, JOHN TAVERNER. Ackn 2 Dec 1701. (Bk 3pg: 78)

Below was Alexander Doniphan with his son Alexander Doniphan Jr. and WM. COLSTON.
30 May 1692. Power of Atty. ELIZABETH FOSAKER of Rich Co in the parish of St. Marys do appoint JAMES HARISON to be my ally to ackn the [above] deed. Wit: ALEX DONIPHAN, ALEX DONIPHAN Junr. Attest: WM COLSTON clerk. (Bk l:pg 12) [Alexander Doniphan had a daughter who married a ? TRAVERS.]

Above WM. COLSTON might have been married to widow ANNE [GOOCH] BEALE? WM. COLSTON had a son CHARLES CAPT. COLSTON who I think married Rebecca [Travers] Taverner who was widow of JOHN TAVERNER. I think that CHARLES CAPT. COLSTON had sister "SUSANNAH' who might have been 3rd wife of ALEXANDER DONIPHAN?

Richmond County, Virginia Order; Wills and Inventories (1692-1709)
f30v - William COLSTON, clerk, will; 27 Oct 1701, 3 Dec 1701
to be interred by the body of wife Anne; dau. Susannah 150 L to be paid out of money now in the hands of Capt. John PURVIS, merchant, in London; son William; son Charles 640 ac. bought of Capt. Thomas BEALE and Joseph RUSSELL; Thomas READ, that now lives with me, to have his maintenance out of my est. until 18 provided he continue with my two sons; Rawleigh TRAVERS; s-i-1 Thomas BEALE; Rawleigh TRAVERS and Thomas BEALE to be ex. during the minority of sons William and Charles; wits: Daniel HORNBY, Thomas BARLOW, Ellen FOSTER. [William COLSTON, first clerk of the Rich. Co. court, mar. by 1681, Anne (GOOCH) BEALE, wid. of Capt. Thomas BEALE. MRC, p.42.]

Below Capt. Rawleigh Travers likely same one in the record with JOHN TAVERNER.

f49v - William COLSTON, inv. pres. by Capt. Rawleigh TRAVERS and Capt. BEALE, ex; 3 Jul 1702.

This was really interesting because Alexander Doniphan had last wife "SUSANNAH" and he also bequeated to Mrs. MARY BELFIELD who I think was wife of JOSEPH BELFIELD.

"Virginia Gleanings in England

JOHN PARKER. will 13 December 1699; proved 5 August 1701. To Elias Wilson, Senior, one of Negro women named Maria with her future increase or £15. To Terence Webb his freedom, £10 worth of goods, my shallop with all sayles, my gig, etc., my wearing apparell and 25s. due from John Foster.
To John Upton's children, if and, of them appearse, 5,000 lbs. Of Tobacco, that is to say, of the John Upton who dyed at my House. To John Burkett my saddle and bridle and the 20s. he oweth to his daughter Margaret Burkett. To John Jones, son of Nebuchudnezor Janes, one Mare and Colt branded on buttock I. P. To Richard Fancy suite of Appsrell. Mr. William Colston to have care of Thomas Parker son of Thomas Parker deceased and deliver 2,000 lbs. of Tobacco which I gave untill he shall thinke fitt to deliver it. To Rawleigh Travers and Tho. Beale gold rings at discretion of Mr. 'William. Colston, executor. Virginia : Proved on oaths of Thomas Dickenson and Francis Newman in court of County Richmond 3 January 1699 - 1700. Test: William Colston, Clem. Vera copia, William Colston, clecm. Administration P. C. C. by John Purvis, attorney for William Colston, executor of John Parker of Virginia, deceased overseas.
Dyer, 116.
[It appears from the records of Richmond county that Elias Wilson, married, in 1701, Mary, daughter of William Lane, and widow of Alvin Dlontjoy of the same county; that he left by his said wife one son, Elias; that Elias Wilson. Sr.'s, will was dated December 23, and proved Feb. 5, 1706 ; and that Elias Wilson, Jr., died at the age of fourteen, and that Henry Wilson was his heir. Mrs. Mary Wilson married, thirdly, Joseph Belfield. William Colston was the clerk of Richmond county, and ancestor of the family of the name in Virginia.
For the Travers family see William and Mary Quarterly, IV, 27, 203.
The Thomas Beale referred to was the third of the name. William Colston had married his mother, Anne, widow of Captain Thomas Beale, of "Chestnut Hill," and daughter of Major William Gooch, of the Virginia Council, whose tomb remains near Yorktown.]"

Will of Alexander Doniphan who had last wife "SUSANAH" ?

Richmond County, Virginia Wills and Inventories 1707-1719
p.297 - Alexander DONIPHAN, will; 20 Sep 1716, 6 Feb 1716/17
son Alexander 250 ac. in the fork of Rappahannock bought of George JONES decd;
Stephen BOWEING the other 250 ac. of land joining the aforesaid tract;
son Mott 180 ac. out of a tract bought of Joshua DAVIS being 330 ac. lying back of my river land; if he has no heirs, to go to grson. Giles TRAVERS;
son Robert;
dau. Margaret 70 ac. bought of Joshua DAVIS;
dau. Elizabeth remainder of 80 ac. and her mother's wedding ring;
wife Susannah, having kept her est. apart, and taken it to herself and desiring nothing of mine...;
dau. Anne; ex. to give Mrs. Mary BELFIELD a ring of 12 shillings price;
ex: son Robert;
wits: Peter LOWD, Elias POWELL, Robert FASSAKER.
[Alexander DONIPHAN mar. his 2d wife, Margaret MOTT, by Nov 1691; she d. prior to Mar 1709. MAC, p.57.)

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