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Subject: [VA-SOUTHSIDE] Thank you to Keeling contributors
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I want to thank everyone who has responded to me posted interest in the Keelings and then back to David Brown regarding the Bradley/Terry connections to Keeling. Your posts are helpful and much appreciated. I particularly appreciate the telephone number from Kathy.

The following is what I have for whatever help it can be to others.

Adam Keeling who married Ann Martin dau of John Martin
Adam's will proved 17 Dec 1683 in Pr Anne Co. Son John inherited the 1400 ac of Martin land.
It took me years of hunting to finally find his name in church vestry records as John George in the Blissland vestry records, New Kent.
1687 George Keeling wit a document for Daniel Park of York Co. 28 Sept 1687
1693 York Co. VA Deeds, Orders, Wills Etc No. 9, Part 2 servant to Geo is proved 12 years of age
1695 George Keeling in suite against Edmund Brewer York Co. Bk 10 p. 192
unconfirmed Marriage reports: Unity Tarleton Bates and Ursula Fleming dau of Thomas Fleming and
Judith Tarleton 1693 & 1695

1699 George and Capt. Richard Henderson are listed on the vestry which appointed new Justices of Peace
1699 George is listed on the New Kent Tithables.
1699 Capt George Keeling, High Sheriff bond w/church wardens Vestry Book & Reg. of St Peter's Parish: New Kent and James City 1684-1786 by Chamberlayne.
1700 Deposition of George Keeling states he is aged "30 years upward" York Co. Deeds, Orders, Wills
Etc. No. 11, 1698-1702 transcribed from the original by Edythe Whitley , Genealogist-historian of Nashville TN in 1965. This was a very difficult record to read. Nugent's patent records show that Adams
patented land for his son John Sept 1661. This would make John closer to 40 but still in his 30s in 1700.
1661 is likely the year that John (John George) was born.

1702 Capt Geo Keeling in James City : Va Military Records cited in VA in the 1700s: An index to who was
There and Where Vol 1 Book 1 Feb 1995
1703-04 George is on Blissland vestry ; found him serving through 1721; request in 1729 to release him from
the service.
1704 Tax list with 1500 ac New Kent
1709 Capt Keeling listed in the vestry accounts St Paul's Parish, Hanover Co.
1719 George Keeling listed as a freeholde St Paul's Parish, Hanover Co.
1733 John Keeling godson of JOHN BURRIDGE will pvd 3 May 1734 New Kent. Order Book for 1733. This will also left a legcy to LANCELOT COOKSON who was also named executor. Witnesses for the will:
Wm.Ogletree and Johannah Knight.

1744 George Keeling Merchant in Hanover: Mercant's Account Book Hanover Co. 1744-45 Va Genealogical
Society Quarterly.
1746 Capt Keeling is listed as an adjacent landowner to Stephen Terry Jr. who has 149 ac in the 2nd fork of
the Panmunkey River. Also adjacent John Williams, William Winston, Major Blair. Nugent, Cavaliers &
Pioneers, Vol 5
174-- Leonard keeling buys acreage that was a land grant signed by Wm.Berkely from Susanna Giles, widow of John Giles. This is the oldest document with the Leonard name that I have found.
I found the original which appeared to be a parchment skin document. It had been so worn through the middle fold that the last number of the 1740 date could not be read. However, it most definitely was the Leonard of James City as an addition to the lower right corner of the document said that the property was sold to Mr.Cary Wilkinson for L572.10 current money of VA 25 December 1766 signed by Benjamin Wilson who was the executor of Leonard's estate. The witness was named Higginson but I cannot accurately read the abbreviation of the first name for Higginson. (Document found in the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond. The document is stamped on the back "may be protected by copright law".)
This Leonard is the same man who owned property in Cumberland Co. VA. His son,George Keeling, also lived there as did Benjamin Wilson the Executor. This George Keeling made a westward movement through VA until he ended his migration in TN. I have never found a record of him in the same county with the other George Keeling alive in VA at the same time. Their associations have made them easy to distinguish.George Keeling, son of Leonard of James City, married Mary Ann Avery in Prince George Co. VA . I have a good bit of data on this George tracking him through VA and to middle TN.

1747-1753 Caroline Order Books Numerous litigation cases in Caroline (David Brown's data covers this.)

1750 George Keeling on road crew that describes the road from " Chesterfield to Needwood and also the road that strikes out over the ridge to the reedy church". Dorman's Court Orderes of Caroline VA

1751 Of particular interest: 16 Nov 1751 Suit on attachment.Richard and Wm. Bullock, merchants against the estate of John Bradley. The plantiffs having proved their account, judgment is granted them for L59.17.5 current money. George Keeling DECLARED HE HAS IN HIS HANDS L8.14.6 1/2 which he is ordered to pay to the plaintiffs in part of satisfaction of their debt." Question: Why would George be liable for any part of a debt that Bradford owed?

1751 Same Court session: 15 Nov 1751 Action of trespass on the case. Keeling's EXECUTORS against Stephen Terry. Jury, Oliver Towles etc. find for the plaintiff L15.1. 3/4 damage. Oliver Towles, foreman. It 's ordered George Keeling's excutors pay Georg Keeling Jr. 125 pounds of tobacco as an evidence for them against Terry. This proves two generations of george in the same family. It also tells you that George was either not the oldest son or someone other than a son was the executor of the deceased George which might indicate George Jr. being rather young.

1751- Same Court. Action of trespass on the case. Keeling's executors against JOHN PLANT. Jury, Oliver Towles etc find for the plaintiff L9.5.9, Oliver Towles foreman. It is ordered Keeling's executors pay George Keeling 125 pounds of tobacco for five days attendance as an evidence for him against Plant.

1752 Executors of George Keeling are in court against Thomas Wood. George Jr. is paid 175 pounds of tobacco for seven days attendance as an evidence against Wood.

1752 9 July George Keeling's license to operate an ordinary is renewed. This obviously George Jr.
It is not clear without reading the actural court transcripts whether or not all the suites involving a
George Keeling with the Bullock brothers in the mercantile business were Geo Sr, Geo Jr., or
both. The time span is fairly short. If Jr. kept accounts for his father, he could have been involved
in the suites because he had an important share of the paperwork/accounts. Equally as likely, he
could have inherited his father's partnership with them. What is clear, is that this is the correct
George Keeling to have married Agness as is evidenced by the close interaction with her family.

1754 15, February: George Keeling suit of attachment against the estate of Stephen Terry. Judgment is
granted the plaintiff for L16.8. due by bond. The sheeriff attached...blank. It's ordered he cause the
goods to be sold. To be discharged on the deft's paying L8.4. with interest from 2 May 1753.

1755/56 The last suite I have found involving George Keeling in Caroline Co. John Hiscox vs George Keeling;
find for the plaintiff L7.9.1; 3 farthings damages.

My Note: From the dates, ages and marriages of the children of George and Agness in Granville, it is
reasonable to assume they married in VA. before migrating to Granville District NC.

Interesting description of the land of Leonard Keeling:
Source: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 5 pp 245-248 provided to me by Jim Friar
"The Governor's Land" the article describes the land Honorable Robt Dinwiddie Esqur Lt Gov and Commander in Chief of Virginia (served 1751-1758) conveys to Phillip Ludwell Esq. It is lengthy and wordy but the part we are interested in says: "Corner at the road leading from Chickahominy to James Town and near the place where the said Thomas Hughes formerly lived; thence easterly along a line of marked trees dividing this and the said Drummond and also the tenement now held by LEONARD KEELING, FORMERLY

Other landmarks named in the conveyance were 'tenements late in the tenure and occupation of James Dod and Samuel Jackson lying together inclusively as follows, viz: beginning on POWHATAN SWAMP near the church lately erected and running southwesterly to the great road leading from new Bridge to Chickahominy Ferry; thence along the road until it joinns another road leading to POWHATAN MILL, and thence along that Mill Road to a line ofo marked trees dividing this which was formerly Dod's from ye tenement now held by LEONARD KEELING aforesaid; thence along the said line westwardly to a corner common to this and ys said Keeling's and another tenement now held by GEORGE JUDE....'

A full read of the document, to the best of my understanding, reveals that much of the governor's land was occupied by tenement farmers.(if someone has a correction as to the meaning/use of tenement in a land document at that time PLEASE speak up) late in ye tenue and occupation of THOMAS HUGHES, ROBERT WOODEN, JAMES DOD, AND SAMUEL JACKSON....
Said Phillip Ludwell Esqr has joining land at GREEN SPRING
Thomas Hughes land joins on Powatan Swamp
Thos Hornsby on the bank of James River
William Drummond at Mercer's Landing

Hopefully this description may help someone identify some helpful names and/or places.

Some unanswered questions:

1. I have not been able to find anything definitive that would put Leonard Keeling in the same family as John George Keeling son of Adam. IF that first record of Leonard buying land from Susannah Giles was a son of the first John George, and John George married 1693-95, Leonard could have been 50 years old by that time. There ought to be other records of him prior to that time. Has anyone found them? or evidence of a George Leonard? vice versa? Every family I have researched with a Leonard, it also had a George, and vice versa. That and geographical proxiity are the only evidence that the earliest Leonard belongs in this line. Some other Keeling researchers feel that the Leonard lines were a different Keeling line altogether and not related to the Keelings of Pr. Anne and Norfolk Counties.

2. Who were all the children of John George,or his death date?/ George d. 1751? of Leonard d. by 1766.
3. Is Edward Keeling of Charlotte Co. a brother to George Jr. that went to Granville NC?
4 Who are all the children of Edward Keeling of Charlotte?

5. If the Leonard name entered the family in the New Kent area, might one of those early Georges married a daughter of Leonard Henley? Has anyone researched the Leonard Henley family? I have not.

The following is the best that I can construct a family for George Keeling probably the one died 1751. Any help would be appreciated.

George Jr. that married Agness Bullock
Richard Keeling dec'd by Jan 1772 willed his estate to grandchildren, children of Wm. Tyler.
William Tyler's third wife is believed to be Elizabeth Keeling dau of Richard, mar ca 1750 Caroline Co.
This couple had nine children, three of whom married Terrell. One son named Richard Keeling Tyler.
Mary Keeling who is thought to be the lady who married John Williams who died 1735 (If someone knows
this is mistaken data, PLEASE tell me and cite some references. I would appreciate it. )
Ursula Keeling who married Thomas Henderson

Note that Ursula Fleming, dau of Thomas Fleming, sister Judith married Thomas Wilkinson. (It was a Wilkinson that witness the sale of Leonard's land by his executor Benj. Wilson. )
For those of you searching for clues to move along the research of your families who touched these families, I hope this helps. Although I have not noted all the documentation,I do have some kind of source of the data. Some sources are better than others so I would encourage any kind of corrections you can offer, even if it is just an additional question or interpetation.

Thank you
Loretta K.

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