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Middle River (I'm afraid that at this point I did not do the research to locate these lands precisely as I was anxious to get on with the survey)

Headwaters: The sources of Middle River, Back Creek and Young's Creek are in Beverley Manor. Back Creek and Young's Creek (flows parallel on east side of Back Creek and enters Middle River just to the North of Back Creek) are wholly in Beverley Manor. I will treat this area together.

Sam, William and John McCutcheon each have tracks at the head of Middle River. Samuel's track is at the Northern tip of Bordens Tract, partly in Beverley Manor and part a personal grant. Sam actually lived on this land in 1759.

Jacob Lockhart has several tracts in this area. In 1755 he sells one to James Clark, c to Clark's other land. James sells land to son John in 1761 and to son Sam in 1766. John sells to Robert Clark in 1770.

James Lockhart sell land to son Patrick in 1761 c Perry's land c Wm Lockhart.

Young family: Robert, Hugh, James, John and Samuel all hold land in this area. They sell to each other, land next to each other. Their other corners include John Trimble, Robert Camble, Patrick Martin, and McFeeters. James Young sells land to Rbt Allen in 1758 who sells to John Moffett in 1762.

Campbell family: David, John, Robert and Alexander.

On the North Manor boundary. Robert Davise sells land in 1754 to John Brown, c Cpt. Brown. John Jameson buys from Beverley in 1749 c Robert Davise, Sam Wallac and Hugh Young.
John Richey sells land to Adam Thompson in 1754 who immediately sells to Samuel Kincaid.
Others in the area include: David Cunningham, Thomas Kirkpatrick, Rbt Gibson, Andrew Greer (who sells to David Stuart in 1766, Rbt Crockett, John Trimble and William King.

1760 procession list. This appears to be from this area. The following people had their lands processioned: Robert Hamilton, John Collier, James Davis, James Moore, John Hanna, Henry Kirkham, Robert Young, David Wallace, Robert Erwin, John McKay, Hugh Cunningham, John Gilmer, Wm. McCune, John Beatty, Francis McCown, John McCown, Anne Long, Wm Gilmer, Adam Thompson, Samuel Kinkead, John Campbell, Thomas Peiry, Maj. John Brown, Robert Youn, James Young, Samuel Young, Hugh Young, Robert Allen, William Martin, John Jamison, Samuel Wallace, Robert Philips, and John Trimble.

BUFFALO Branch (which goes through Buffalo Gap):
Robt Renick sells part of land Rbt. lives on granted to Rbt. 1740 to James Miles and to Silas Hart. Hart sells to Alex Gibson in 1753 and he sells to Thomas Gardner in 1759.
John Archer sells 1749 to James Sayers c Renich
David Stuart sells to son Alex 1768 c James Sayer

1753 Daniel McAnore to Alex Gibson c John Trimble, Thomas Gardiner, McAnore's other land.
John Trimble to Rbt Phillips 1760, line of Rbt. Davis
William Bell to Samuel Craig 1765, part of land where Bell lives.
William Bell to Rev Charles Cummens. part of land patented to James Bell dcd, father of Wm near N Mr. Samuel Craigs Corner.

JENNINGS BRANCH: This is the route of the road to the Great Calfpasture.
Daniel McNair, gent 1754 to Thomas Gardener, part of 400a granted to Daniel. (1775 Mary Moffett, widow of Wm Moffett, dcd, late of Fincastle County, is only daughter and heir of Thomas Gardiner dcd.)
James Bell 1747 to Thomas Armstrong. Thomas sells half to son Wm. in 1759.
James Bell 1749 to James Kirk, land patented to James Bell.
John Richey 1758 to Rbt Armstrong Jr. Rbt 1760 to Samuel Wilson. Land was deeded to Richey by Matthew Edmiston.
John Ramsey to Charles Floyd.
John Trimble 1747 to John Elliot, head of S Fork of Jennings Branch. John to James Elliot 1771. In 1770 John Elliot Sr sold to John Jr. 200a on Middle River.
George Anderson to Rbt McKitrick 200a patented to George in 1743.


William Anderson 1747 to Rbt Gilkeson pantented to Wm 1740. c James & John Hogshead.
John Frances 1751 to John Hogshead c Wm Anderson
1770 John Anderson and son-in-law James Allen partner in gristmill.
Samuel Lusk 1748 to Wm Anderson c John Findley
John Finley 1749 to Alex Gardner (lease) Wm Anderson's line. vested in John Gardiner, only son and heir of Alex


David Hogshead 1768 to John Hogshead Jr. part of 285a pat to John Hogshead.
James Hogshead 1768 to John Hogshead Jr part of his fathers tract of 400a.
John Smith 1749 to William Matthews.
William King, blacksmith, 1749 to John Nickoll. pat. to Wm 1748
Wm Cunningham 1755 to Chas. Kilpatrick Head of Moffets Branch. Del. to James Lockhart. Alex Kilpatrick sold 1776 to George Moffett land pat. to Wm Cunningham.

Road orders 1746. John Graham to be overseer from James Carter's mill to the Court House, as far as the first ford above Bell's land. (Carter had lot 22 on the Great Calfpasture, I haven't found another entry for him). Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road with flollowing tithables: Samuel Wallis, Alex Crawford, John Elliott, David Trimble, John Hogshead, Alexr. Gardner, Sampson Archer, Alex Gibson, Robt Davis, Thomas Gardner, Walter Trimble, John Sixby, David Stuart, Ro. Renix, Francis Gardner, John Trimble, Thomas Beard, Ro. Gikason, John Archer, James Bell, James Bell, James Mills, James Dyer, Charles Clendening, Wm Hogshead, Ro. Ralsone, John Moffet, Saml Lusk, James Phillips, Danl. Brealey, Mathew Edmonston, James Trimble, John Ferguson, Wm Anderson, John Spears, John McKenny, Wm Brady, Ro Armstrong, James Miller.

In 1788 Andrew Kincaid was granted 400a in Augusta Co. as assignee of John Gardiner. No waterway is given. The land is located next to his own with the following neighbors: Richard Mathews, George, Moffett, David McNair and Samuel Runkle. A Chalkley partial in 1790 "part of 400a patented to Andrew Kincaid c Richard Mathews. I have not successfully located an area where all of these people held land in the same place, however, somewhere in the above section looks promising.


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