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I have tried unsuccessfully to attach my ancestor Frances Price to Augustine. She married 1779 in Rockingham Co., VA to John Clough. These are my Price notes from the area. I would think a church baptism record naming Augustine and his wife might be worth something as far as a marriage record goes. Do you know anything of Fannie/Francis. Take care. Marilyn

Rockingham County Va. marriages 1778-1816 PRICE FAMILY
1788 Daniel married Catherine Sellers
1788 Jacob married Catherine Price d/o Augustine
1789 Peter married Molly Williams
1802 George married Mary Rumble
1815 Andrew married Polly Richie
1796 George married Mary Rumble
1796 Samuel married Margared Orebaugh
1804 James married Ann Hapkins
1815 Chris Bitler married Hannah Price
1811 ____Ewin married Susan Price
1809 Jacob Hotinger married Catherine Price d/o David
1792 Jacob Huffman married Elizabeth Price d/o Daniel
1781 Tom McElvaine married Frances Price
1815Chris Miller married Hannah Price d/o Samuel
1787 Henry Miller married Mary Price d/o Augustine
1791 Mile Monger married Sarah Price d/o David
1807 Jacob Pictafish married Elizabeth Price d/o Adam
1798 Jacob Roop married Martha Price d/o David
1804 Henry Rupe married Elizabeth Price d/o David
1786 Jacob Rumble married Rebecca Price d/o Daniel
1815 John Rumion married Mary Priace d/o Samuel
1811 William Thompson married Elizabeth Price
1811 John Tusinger married Susan Price

Peaked Mountain Church, McGaheysville, Rockingham County, Virginia
Augustine Preiss (3) Susanna, born May John Ernst Scherp and
(Price) and wife Anna 9, 1750; bapt. Aug. 15, wife Anna Margaret
Elisabeth nee Scherp 1753

(ditto) (4) Conrad, born Conrad Wahl and
December 24, 1752; Chjristina Herman
bapt. Aug. 15, 1753

(ditto) (5) Augustine, born Matthew Kirsch (Kebab)
December 24, 1754; and wife Anna Margaret
bapt. October 1, 1756

(ditto) (6) Elisabeth, born Parents
Sept. 8, 1757; bapt.
Oct 15

(ditto) (7) John Frederick, Frederick Ermentraut
born Sept. 24, 1759; and wife Catharine
bapt. June 19, 1763

(ditto) (8) Anna Catharine, Daniel Preiss and wife
born May 4, 1763; bapt. Anna Catharine
June 19, 1763

(ditto) (9) Maria Catharine, Frederick Ermentraut
born May 12, 1765; and wife Catharine
bapt. June 18

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Searching for the Will or Probate for
B: 31 May 1722
Offenbach, Pfalz, Germany;
D: 16 Oct. 1802, Augusta CO. VA.
or could be aft 1802 Rockingham, VA,.

B: abt 1729

I descend though daughter ELIZABETH PREISCH/PRICE who married abt. 1774
Need to find proof of their marriage. In Augusta CO. or Rockingham CO or ?;

Appreciate any help or suggestions with finding these documents.
also like to find anyone researching these lines.


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