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Subject: Re: [VABATH] Alexander Hamilton and Margaret
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 08:47:57 -0600
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Great, maybe someone will reply. I think the Larry Clay Hamilton who write the Alexander Hamilton book may be the person who managed the Hamilton List serve for some many years. I wrote to him once about my James and of course since his James son of Alexander married Rachel Vance there was no direct connection is his genealogy. If my James is indeed part of this family, he must be the son of someone who died or at least disappeared so that he went with cousins to Ohio! I will try to find the book in Richmond's Library of VA. Anne

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> Subject: [VABATH] Alexander Hamilton and Margaret
> Hello List:
> I am looking for any information on the above Alexander Hamilton and wife Margaret. This is what I have gathered from Chalkeys but am unable to find anything else about this couple. Ay help would be appreciated. ..thank you Renee Schaeffer
> William HAMILTON Sr. and his wife Else (Alice) had immigrated from England via Pennsylvania to Augusta County, Virginia prior to 1749. They first took up residence in an old Indian camping hut on Back Creek, a branch of Jackson's River. Sometime around 1767 they moved to Tygart's Valley with
> their sons: John, James, William Jr., Andrew and ALEXANDER HAMILTON, all mature men in the 1750's.
> Chalkeys
> Page 326A.--__ May, 1762. Samuel Crockett to Alex. Hamilton, £40,
> 283 acres on Jackson's River above mouth of Falling Spring.
> Page 342.--16th October, 1765. Alexander Hamilton and Margaret to
> Wm. Hamilton, £100, 238 acres on Jackson's River. Teste: A. Thompson,
> Andrew Hays. Delivered: Richard Morris, November Court, 1773.
> Page 333.--__ day _____, 1767. William Hamilton, Sr.. and Else (Alice)
> to Alex. Hamilton, £100, 507 acres in the Calf pasture. Teste: Jas. Callison,
> Wm. Mann, Robert Armstrong.
> Page 407.--18th August, 1767. Alexander Hamilton and Margaret to
> John Stephenson, £90.5, 271 acres on the little river in the Calfpasture,
> Henderson's line; corner Robert McCutcheon's land; corner said Jones
> Henderson's land. Teste: John Hays, Jr., James Moore, Jr.
> Page 281.--20th March, 1770. John Stephenson's bond (with Alex.
> Hamilton, Robert Clark) as guardian to James Rusk, orphan of James
> Rusk.
> Page 342.--1778--On Back Creek of James River, above Hickman's land, below
> Falling Spring Run, Archabald ( ) Smithers and Cecilia to Alexander
> Hamilton. Teste: Samuel Vance, Charles Hamilton, John ( ) Davis.
> Dunlap's Heirs vs. Hamilton's Heirs--O. S. 100; N. S. 34--Orators
> are viz: John, Robert, Alexander, William and Polly Dunlap, David
> McKee and Anne his wife, William Denniston and Peggy his wife,
> Samuel McCutchin and Nancy his wife, children and legatees of
> Robert Dunlap. Robert Dunlap died 1781 testate, will in Rockbridge.
> His wife was Mary. Alexander Hamilton qualified as executor and
> died intestate, having first conveyed all his estate to sons James
> and Charles Hamilton.
> Page 378 Alex. Hamilton, Joseph Waughub, Lanty
> Graham, on both Rivers of Calfpasture and waters thereof.
> Highland County, Virginia
> VaGenWeb Page
> Land Holdings in Highland County
> around the time of the Revolution
> Townsend, John: 6-1784-Back Creek, n. Alexander Hamilton and Roger Hickman
> William Elliot's Will
> Made 27 November 1789
> Son James Elliott, 200 acres of land on Calfpasture River adjoining Jacob Martin. Grandson William Elliott, son of James Elliott, land lying between the Big and Little Calfpasture. Son James Elliott, 20
> lbs 10 shillings due by bond from Jacob Martin. Son James Elliott, executor.
> Signed: Wm. Elliott (x his mark)
> witness: John Gay
> John Dunlap
> John Reardon
> Proven 7 July 1795
> The 1791 Bath County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
> Hamilton, Alexander Junr. Tithes, 1 Horses 3
> ALEXR. HAMILTON, of Bath, to JAMES HAMILTON, of Bath. Natural love and affection. Proved in Bath, February, 1792.
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