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Caroline County Court Records Box 1 ACC. # 26675
William Peatross....15 Feb 1808/12 Dec 1808....Wife Amy Peatross. Children
viz Richard Peatross, Matthew Peatross, William Peatross, Jane Peatross,
Amy Peatross, Polly Peatross, Barbara Peatross, Walter Peatross, Sally
Peatross, Samuel Peatross, Betsey Peatross, Susannah Peatross, Rebekah
Peatross and Jumima Peatross. Mention is made of the "the children of my
deceased daughter Nancy Haden". Exors: Richard Peatross Sr., William S.
Wyatt and Matthew Hundley. Witness: Joseph W. New, Richard Hundley, Sarah
C. Brame and Thomas Hickman.

Ann Peatross....6 Apr 1815/8 May 1815....Daughter Nancy Demure all the
lands from my father's estate devolving on me at the death of my mother
and the horse willed to me by my son, Henry Peatross, decd. John H. Demure
is Nancy Demure's husband. Exor: Nathaniel Ware. Wit: W.P. Napier and John

Mary Brame....17 Nov 1805/15 Dec 1819....My children viz William Brame,
John Brame, the children of Walter Brame, decd., Hannah C. Roff, Mary P.
Smith, children of Martha Valentine, decd. Susannah White, Amy Peatross,
Sarah Rawlings, the children of Samuel D.Brame, decd. and Joseph Brame.
Exors: Joseph Brame, and WIlliam Wyatt. Witness:
William Peatross, Albin Rawlings, Thomas Hinchman and Matthew Hundley.

Marriage of Caroline Co.
Jane Peatross married John Goodwin
Nov 22 1803 marriage bond
Nov 23 1803 marriage date
Jane is the daughter of William Peatross
Married by John Self
Sec. and Wit: Joseph Brame and Elijah White
(Pt. 1, pp. 5,77) Marriages 1787-1819 Caroline Co, Va.

Henry Peatross and Jane R. Jones
March 13, 1809
Sec. and Wit: Richard Bridges (Pt. 1, p. 18)

Richard Peatross and Lucy Johnston
Married by Richard Broaddus
[no date given]
Pt. 1, p. 66

Ann Peatross states that Matthew Peatross gave his bond RIchard Squire
Taylor and later sent payment to Richard Peatross to pay off the bond at
Hanover Co. Court but RIchard Peatross gave the money to William Peatross
who did pay off the bond which RIchard Squire Taylor could not find at
that time. Richard S. Taylor has died since this time without delivering
the bond. October 8, 1800

Division of the negroes held by John Peatross agreeable to the will of
his father into five equal parts for Ann Peatross, John Peatross, Rhoda
Peatross, ELiza Peatross and William Winston, infant. March 1806

John Peatross and Mary Peatross his wife and Francis A. Peatross, Mary
Peatross, John A. Peatross, Henry C. Peatross, Joanna Peatross, Matthew
Peatross and Joseph A. Peatross infant children of the said John and Mary
Peatross by the said John Peatross their father and next friend against
Richard Norment and Thomas Samuel. The suit concerns the estate held in
trust by Richard Norment since 12 Sept 1823 for John Peatross and family.
May 14, 1834

Thomas Peatross states that he was security on a bond for James Baber as
he administered the estate of Francis Baber. In 1801, James Baber and Menos
(alias Parmenos) Rogers of Albemarle Co. attempted to cheat the creditors
of Francis Baber's estate. James Baber has since died. Oct. 1, 1821

William Smith, Parmenas Rogers, Fanny Rogers, Mary Smith, James Baber and
Fanny Baber are ordered to appear in court.

Matthew Peatross, father of John Peatross the intestate, on 11 Jan 1768
made a will and left a slave, Rose Lilly, to his son and others to his
widow. At the widow's death, John Peatross purchased Jeffery Amos and Jane
Amos on 14 Nov. 1782 from her estate. [no date]

"I, John Peatross, being fully persuaded that freedom is the natural right
of all mankind and that it is my duty to do to others as I would be done..."free
Harry Duke, Nicton Meadow and Rose Lilly whom I held as slaves between
21 and 45 years. Also Richard Meadow, Phoebe Meadow, Rachell Meadow and
Lucy Meadow when they become 21 years of age. Richard Meadow born Aug 1768,
Phobe Meadow born July 1773, Rachel Meadow born July 1778 and Lucy Meadow
born August 1782. 14 Nov. 1782

"I John Peatross being fully Jeffery Amos and Jane AMos
when they come of ages 21 and 18 years.
10 Nov. 1785

Petition of Sam, William, Cyrus, Cheadle, Ben, Mahala, Jugga, Cloe, and
Pendleton states that they are held in bondage by Thomas Peatross, administrator
of John Peatross, decd. [no date]

The complaint of Sam and others who claim to be the descendants of Rose
Lilly is filed against Thomas Peatross, administrator of John Peatross,
Rhoda Peatross, Elizabeth Peatross, and William WInston, the only child
of ______Winston deceased daughter of John Peatross, as descendants of
John Peatross, decd. [no date]

John Peatross executed a deed dated 12 Sept 1823 to secure certain property
to Mary Peatross, wife of John Peatross
[27 June 1835]

John Dejaarnett died many years ago and left to his widow Fanny Dejarnett
her dower of land and slaves. Elliott Dejarnett was his administrator.
The rest of the slaves were divided between John Peatross in right of his
wife Polly Peatross, RIchard Norment in right of his wife Frances Norment
and John F. Dejarnett. The widow is now dead and her slaves are to be distributed
to the three heirs viz Polly, Frances, and John F. Dejarnett. 13 Jan 1823

"In suit Sam and others against Peatross and others, the whole of the people
included in the petition were not found in Caroline. I think Rose and one
child, perhaps Eliza and Pendleton son of Janey were found in Powhatan.."
[no date]

William Peatross states that he was present at the conversation of old
Mr. Matthew Peatross, father of the present Matthew Peatross, and old Mr.
Benjamin Hurt, Father to the present Benjamin Hurt, when Mr. Peatross told
old Mr. Hurt that he, Hurt, had been trespassing on the 3 acres of land
for the use of the mill and old Mr. Hurt agreed that he would move his
fence as soon as his crop was taken up. 21 Feb. 1807

Richard Peatross and Thomas Peatross are questioned by Benjamin Hurt and
agree that Benjamin Hurt purchased the share of his brother, William Hurt,
in the land but they state that the land is not completely fee until the
death of their motheer, Ann Hurt. 21 Feb. 1807

Mrs. Ann Hurt and Mr. Benjamin Hurt are served notice that they are not
to build a mill on the three acrea of land by Matthew Peatross. 6 Aug.

Benj. Hurt petitions to build a mill and Matthew Peatross appeals to the
court to not allow it. Sept 1784

Survey by James Taylor, County Surveyor, of 3 acres that lie on a branch
of Mattopony River in St. Margaret's Parish.
24 Jan 1787

James Murray sells to Matthew Peatross 95 acres of land that he had patented
and an adjoining 3 acres which he excepted out of 1,000 acres that he had
formerly sold to Benjamin Hurt. The 3 acres were excepted and reserved
for the use of a Mill. Wit: John Thomson, William Peatross and Ann Thomson.
30 Jan 1764

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