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Subject: King Family
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 10:58:39 EDT

1st generation

Michael King_[1]_ (


Elizabeth Carey
b. about 1628

The Immigrant Ancestor
Michael King was born about 1630 in Norwich, England. He married in about
1650 in Nansemond, VA, Elizabeth Carey who was born about 1628 in Nasemond,
VA. Michael King was a Justice of the Peace and Captain of the Militia.
Michael and Elizabeth Carey King became the parents of six children:
i. Henry King Sr. b. about 1650 Nansemond, VA
ii. John King b. about 1652 in Nansemond Co., VA
iii. Elizabeth King b. about 1654 in Nansemond Co., VA
iv. Nathan King b. 1674 in Nansemond Co., VA
v. Michael King Jr. b. about 1678 Nansemond Co., VA
vi. William King, Sr. b. about 1676 in Nansemond Co., VA
Michael King died about 1700 in Nansemond, VA.

2nd generation

William King, Sr._[2]_

Mary Curle
b. about 1680

William King, Sr., was born about 1676 in Nansemond Co., VA, the youngest of
six children of Michael King and Elizabeth Carey.
He married in about 1700 in Elizabeth City, VA, Mary Curle who was born
about 1680 in Elizabeth City, VA.
Their children were as follows:
i. Mary King b. 1701 in Elizabeth City, VA
ii. William King Jr. b. about 1703 Nansemond, VA
iii. Henry King b. 1705 in Nansemond, VA
iv. Charles King b. 1715 in Nansemond, VA
v. Rosea King b. 1718 in Nansemond, VA
William King died 22 February, 1746.

3rd generation

William King, Jr._[3]_

Hannah Curle
b. 1710

William King, Jr., was born about 1703 in Nansemond, VA, the son of William
King, Sr. and Mary Curle.
He married in 1730 in Virginia, Hannah Curle, who was born 1710 in
Nansemond, VA.
Their children were as follows:
i. William King b. 1731 in Nansemond, VA
ii Judith Curle King b. 1733 in Elizabeth City, VA
iii. Joshua S. King b. 1735 in Fauquier, VA
iv. John C. King b. 1737 in Nansemond, VA
v. Henry Jenkins King b. 1739 in Nansemond, VA
vi. Mary E. King b. 1741 in Nansemond, VA
William died 22 Mar 1796.

4th generation

Joshua S. King_[4]_

Martha Fristoe
b. 1725

The Revolutionary War soldier

Joshua S. King was born in 1735 in Fauquier, VA, the son of William King,
Jr. and Hannah Curle. He married on 12 December 1751 in Overwharton Parish,
Stafford, VA, Martha Fristoe who was born in 1725 in Wales.
Their children were as follows:
i. Robert (Robin) King b. 15 Mar 1755 in Virginia
ii. Richard (‘Dicky”) W. King b. 7 Jan 1762 in Culpeper, VA
iii. Joseph King b. about 1768 in Fauquier, VA
iv. William King
v. Joshua Thomas King b. after 1770 in Culpeper, VA
vi. Mary King
vii. Margaret King
Joshua King is listed in the DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Vol. II.
His will was probated 7 Jun 1802 in Harrison County, KY.

5th generation

Richard W. (“Dicky”) King_[5]_

Sarah (Sallie) Canady

Revolutionary War Soldier

Richard W. (“Dicky”) King was born 7 January 1762 in Culpeper Co., VA, the
son of Joshua King and Martha Fristoe. He married in about 1782 in Culpeper,
VA, Sarah (Sallie) Canady who was born in 1765 in Culpeper, VA.
Richard King is listed in the DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, as a
Private from Virginia, (born 1-7-1762 VA, d. 2-6-1827 KY, m. Sally).
Their children were as follows:
i. Daniel King b. 3 Oct 1783 in Fauquier, VA
ii. Silas King b. 3 Oct 1783 in Fauquier, VA
iii. Sarah (Sallie) King b. about 1785 in Harrison, KY
iv. Bartlett King b. about 178 in Harrison, KY
v. Richard W. King, Jr. b. 12 Oct 1797 in Harrison, KY
vi. Elizabeth King b. about 1799 in Harrison, KY
vii. Rachel Minerva King b. 12 Oct 1798 in Harrison Co., KY,
m. Rankin Blackburn (see _BLACKBURN_
( )
viii. Paul B. King Sr. b. 18 Aug 1806 in Harrison, KY
Richard King died 6 February 1827 in Oddville, Harrison Co., KY, and is
buried in the Kings Graveyard in Harrison, KY.
Sarah (Sallie) Canady King died 10 January 1850 in Harrison Co., KY.

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