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Subject: [VAFAUQUI] DAVIS & various other surnames.
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 12:11:12 EDT

Let me know if you would like a listing of the DAVIS brides.

Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds 1759-1854"
Typed by the Genealogical Society of Utah
Typed by James M. BLACK

Samuel DAVIS to Elizabeth SAUNDERS; 27 Sep 1823; son of Thomas
Samuel H. DAVIS to Mary E. B. BROWNE; 25 Oct 1819; daughter of William
Thomas DAVIS to Lucinda WITHERS; 23 Sep 1795; daughter of Elizabeth
Thomas K. DAVIS to Jane E. JONES; 27 Feb 1843; daughter of Benedict
Travis DAVIS to Mary KINCHELOE; 20 Mar 1820; daughter of James
Wm. DAVIS to Margaret SMOOT; 18 Jan 1813; daughter of Edward
Wm F. R. DAVIS to Margaret SWAN; 24 Aug 1825; Bondsman: Charles W. DAVIS
Willis DAVIS to Mary Jane HART; 18 Apr 1833; daughter of James
Richard DAVIS to Elizabeth DRUMMOND; 5 Jan 1804; daughter of Joshua
Reuben DAVIS to Ann LEACH; 12 Aug 1805; daughter of Anna
Robert DAVIS to Augustina SHUMATE; 17 Mar 1823; daughter of Lewis
Peyton H. DAVIS to Caroline BAILEY; 11 Aug 1851
Peyton H. DAVIS to Cathrine utterbeck; 17 Nov 1846; daughter of Nathaniel
Milton B. DAVIS to Octavia JETT; 16 May 1831; daughter of George
Mathew DAVIS to Elizabeth W. BARBEE; 19 Jan 1791; Bondsman: Anna BARBEE
Levi DAVIS to Samuel (?) COX; 10 Aug 1800; Bondsman: Samuel COX
Levi DAVIS to Lydia KEARNES; 14 Mar 1786; daughter of Robert
John S. DAVIS to Sarah Ann MOREHEAD; 6 Feb 1832; daughter of John
John C. DAVIS to Susanna BROWN; 27 Feb 1804; Bondsman: Francis BROWN
John C. DAVIS to Betsy DAVIS (widow); 16 Jan 1804; Bondsman: Wm KIDWELL
John DAVIS to Nancy RILEY; 8 Mar 1808; Bondsman: Valentine FLYNN
James C. DAVIS to Elizabeth HEFLIN; 21 Dec 1843; daughter of William
James DAVIS to Millah MONDAY; 27 May 1793; daughter of John
Humphy DAVIS to Fanny KIBBLE; 20 Feb 1802; daughter of Richard & Hannah
Hugh W. DAVIS to Sophia MALLORY; 3 Mar 1823; Bondsman: Peter A. MADDOX
Hamilton J. DAVIS to Lucy C. STROTHER; 12 Apr 1843; daughter of Lewis
George DAVIS to Elizabeth GRINON; 15 dEC 1770; Bondsman: Wm. HUME, daughter
of Thomas.
Francis B. DAVIS to Elizabeth P. WILLIAMS; 10 Dec 1827; Bondsman: Eppa HUNTON
Francis DAVIS to Polly MATHEW; 3 Sep 1795; daughter of Thomas
Eli DAVIS to Frances BANNISTER; 18 Feb 1782; Bondsman: James BANNISTER.
Charles W. DAVIS to Fanny SWAN; 22 Mar 1819; daughter of Charles
Balys DAVIS to Nancy WHITE; 4 Jan 1833; daughter of Vincent
Asa DAVIS to Clara SHACKLETT; 14 Mar 1804; daughter of Dilly SHACKLETT
Andrew R. DAVIS to Charlotte A. SMITH; 28 Dec 1835; Bondsman: Wm C. ASHBY
Alexander DAVIS to Sarah Frances; 21 Oct 1850

"Fauquier During The Proprietorship"
DAVIS, John, traveller, 213
Page 213
The Warren Academy in the meantime flourished, and by 1802 had gained a
wide reputation. John DAVIS, the English traveller and novelist, writing in
that year of a small school he was about to open at Occoquan, says, "I was to
occupy a log house which however homely would soon vie with the sublime
College of William and Mary and consign to oblivion the renowned Academy in the
vicinity of Fauquier Court House."

"1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners and Gazetteer"
Abstracted by Roger G. WARD

Fauquier County
Asa DAVIS = (denotes not living on property); 10 miles NW of the county
Fanny DAVIS = 8 miles NW of the county courthouse.
Levy DAVIS, deceased = 20 miles NW of the county courthouse.
William F. R. DAVIS; Goose Creek located 17 miles NW of the county

Loudoun County
Samuel DAVIS; 1/2 south of Goose Creek located 15 miles southwest of the
county courthouse at Leesburg.
Solomon DAVIS*
Thomas DAVIS, cooper = 10 miles NW of the county courthouse
Thomas DAVIS; ?E fo Short Hill located 11 miles NW
Zephaniah DAVIS = 6W
Howell DAVIS; Glebe; 10SW
Henry M. DAVIS; Leesburg.
David DAVIS of Fairfax County; Broad Run Church; 8S.
Ann DAVIS, life; Goose Creek; 7S.

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