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Dear List,

I'm continuing to dissect the records to try to prove my McConchie theory. In genealogy, I think what I'm attempting to do is called an "Analysis of Data".
An Analysis of Data is used when you've exhausted attempts to locate direct evidence and there's no record that absolutely states the relationship. This type of Analysis is used when there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that also rules out other possible alternatives which leads to a conclusion about a relationship.

The records I'm presenting don't prove that 'Elander McConky' was my 'Alexander McConchie" but with other circumstantial records, I hope to put this to rest one way or the other.

I showed the Mary Leftwich connection to Alexander Maconchie and Robert Knox.
I now get to the meat of my theory to begin to show why I think my Alexander McConchie was the son of a Robert Maconchie in CC MD.
But first I need to show that Robert Maconchie was around Rev. William Maconchie and John Maconchie who were proven brothers.
John Maconchie was married to a widow Ann Hutchinson of William Hutchinson Jr.
John Maconchie and Ann had sons "William" and "Alexander". Their son "Alexander" died 1757 and therefore COULD NOT be my descendant.
Rev. William Maconchie was married to Mary Hanson whose brother Robert Hanson married 4th and last wife the widow Ann of John Maconchie.
[I think this why it all got started that Alexander McConchie of Fauquier was married to a possible Ann Hanson.]

Rev. William Maconchie had NO ISSUE. June and I have been around barn with this one because "The History of Durham Parish" stated he had children but there is absolutely no proof in any records I've seen to support this. More on this later.
His will establishs his relationship to his brother John and John's sons "William" and "Alexander".
Note Rev. William Maconchie had "FATHER" Alexander.

If Robert Maconchie was a brother of Rev. William Maconchie and of John, then he too may well have named a son "Alexander" after his father and that son may be my "Alexander" who was alive in 1771 and would have been around below nephew "William" who was on the 1770 estate of Robert Mastin.
My "Alexander McConchie" and wife Ann named their only son "Robert".
John's son "Alexander" died 1757 and had a son "John" who he left to the care of mother ANN HANSON.
John's son "William" married Theodosia Stone and he named sons "William" and "John". He didn't have any sons named Robert.

Maconchie, Wm., Charles Co., 2nd Feb., 1741/42; 25th Feb., 1741/42.
To nephew Alexander and hrs. son of Jno. and Anne Maconchie, dwel. plan., 150 A. part of "Troop's Rendesvous," 200 A. bought of Bennet Hoskins 8th, Nov. 1723, 70 A. "The Adventure" bought of John Allen, 37 A. "The Addition to the Adventure" and 100 A. bought of Jos. Pallusas. Also to Alexander afsd. 200 A. "Belmont" and 100 A. "The Addition to Belmont" lying in Durham Parish.
" nephew William and hrs. son of John and Anne afsd., 150 A. and 400 A. "Maconchie's Dale" also 12 1/2 A. adjoining "A Trifle" bought of Benjamin Banister.
" Sarah, dau. of Joseph and Sarah Douglas, to vestry of Port Tobacco Parish, to vestry of Durham Parish, to father Alexander (Maconchie), personalty.
" wife Mary, extx., during life all real estate bequeathed to nephews afsd. and personalty.
Test: Robert Hanson, Theophilus Swift, Walter Hanson, G. Barnes. 22. 454.

Rev. William Maconchie had brother John Maconchie and he was with a Robert Maconchie on the 1733 estate of John Speake Sr. whose daughter Jane Speake married Edward Maddox who was UNCLE of Phoebe Maddox who married 1st Francis Evans, 2nd Samuel Hudson.

I will now place John Maconchie with Robert Maconchie who I believe to have been his brother.
John Speake Sr. had daughter Jane who married Edward Maddox who was UNCLE of Phoebe who married Francis Evans, Samuel Hudson.
Edward Maddox was on estate of Thomas Hudson, father of Samuel Hudson and the daughter Anne Hudson.
Edward Maddox was on estate of Thomas Leftwich whose daughter in law Mary Leftwich was listed beside my Alexander Maconchie.

Will of JOHN SPEAKE, innholder, Charles Co.; 4 Dec 1731; 1 Jan 1731/32
To wife Mary, extx, lot and dwelling houses in Charles Town co. afsd, during life; at her decease to grandson John, son of Thomas Speake; and personalty, including some left her by her former husband James Semmes
To sons John, Richard and Thomas and dau. Jane. wife of Edward Maddocke, personalty, and residue of estate equally
Test: Francis Ware, Allon Hewton, Robert Hanson (MDCW VI.213, Wills. 20.337)

Francis Adams was married to Mary Godfrey.
Francis Adams and Mary had son Ignatius Adams who was witness with Alexander Maconchie on Will of Elizabeth Elgin who died 1756.
Edward Maddox's brother Benjamin Maddox was father of Phobe Maddox m. 1st Francis Evans, 2nd Samuel Hudson
Benjamin Maddox was on estate of George Elgin, father of William Elgin whose heirs sold land to George Dent who sold to my Alexander Maconchie.

John Speke 16.445 CH £165.13.6 May 20 1732
Servants mentioned: Peter Mitchell.
Appraisers: Matthew Stone, Francis Adams.
Creditors: John Theobalds, Francis Ware.
Next of kin: Thomas Speaks, Edward Maddock.
Executors: John Speake, Richard Speake.

This is the estate record of John Speake Sr. that could make my case in the end.
Notice that Robert Maconchie was called admr. of John Sanders Jr.
I think John Sanders Jr. was the son of a John Sanders who died 1722 and there were two estate records for him that seem to show that one man on them was "Rev. William Maconchie" and another man a "Mr. Maconchie" who I think was this Robert Maconchie.

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin; Fall 1985 Vol 26 No 4; Extracted from microfilm by Carol Gehrs Mitchell. Charles County, Maryland Administration Accounts 1708-1738; The first number is the page or folio number on which the document begins.
418. John Speake dec'd acct of John Speake & Richard Speake exrs will. Paid to Robert Maconchie admr of John Sanders jr, legacy to James Semmes by dec' d father James Semmes in hands of John Speake who married exex, Matthew Sanders judgment. To Marmaduke Semms for the orphans of James Semmes dec'd being so much dues in hands of dec'd from dec'd fathers acct, also so much due Marmaduke Semms from estate of James Semmes in hands of the dec'd, 15 Aug 1733.

Note that above record stated Robert Maconchie was admin. of John Sanders Jr. but below estate record denotes Richard Gambra as admin. of John Sanders Jr. I think this is same John Sanders Jr. that above record refers to?

John Speake 12.42 A CH £165.13.6 £201.17.6 Aug 15 1733
Received from: Bryan Flyn, John Beale, William Smallwood, John Hurrie, John Hanson, Jr., Thomas Burroughs, John Neale, Josep Pallusus, Thomas Stone, Charles Sample, Joseph Chitham, Walter Hanson, Col. Robert Hanson, Bartholomew Andersen, Moses Bell, William Clements, Jr., John Morgan Guskell, John Seal, Jr., Samuel Clements, Aaron Goodrick, Archibald Johnson, Allen Baton, Col. George Mason, John Barker, William Skinner, Ignatius Mitchell, Benjamin Douglas, Edmund Magatee, Francis Green, John Smith Tayler, George Harley, Benjamin Gwinn, Francis Brown, Henry Hawkins, Thomas Barnes, Charles Courts, William Howard, Richard Price, William Nalley, Jonas Parker, John Franklin, John Tayler, John Hanby, Absalom Thorn, David Southerland, Edward Sanders, Elexander Adam, John Howard, Courts Keech, John Clark, Jr., Zachariah Wade, Jr., John Butts, John Brooks, Thomas Freeman, Miles McDonnald, Walter Dodson, Richard Howard, John Canseen, David Stone, Thomas Green, William Boarman, Ignatius Doyne, Giles Green, Alectius Semmes, Edward Walker, Thomas Matthews, Rober Minilan, Daniel Nader, Bayne Smallwood, Thomas Wheeler, William Connell, John Brown, Patrick Connelly, Richard Speake (accountant), William Wally, John Posey, James Hiddleton, Francis Gardiner, John Courts, Patrick Ferrall, Thomas Sanders, Jr., Henry Jameson, Thomas Mudd, Andrew Sympson, John Terrill, Francis Clements, Daniel McFerson, Thomas Jameson, Richard Harrison, George Thomas, James Masters, Richard Hodgson, Ralph Sharp, John Manning, William McFarling, Edward Jenkins, Walter Maddox, Charles Neale, John Webb, John Lane, Robert Brent, Edward Doyne, David Wade, Robert Maconchie, Thomas Conner, William Sanders, Jr., Francis Glass, Thomas Hawkins, John Cooksey, Stephen Evans, Charles Philpott, Charles Musgrave, William Munroe, Richard Edelen, Edward Clements, Robert Hanson,. Jr., Richard Gambra, administrator of John Sanders, Jr., John Haw, William Griffen, Holland Middleton, Richard Robey, David Parsons, John Quin, Ellas Dodd, William Benson, Jr., Thomas Price, administrator of James Allen.
Payments to: Dr. Brown, Marmaduke Semmes, James Semmes (legacy from his father James Semmes (dead) whose executrix (unnamed) married the deceased), Robert Chrystie, James Tayler, Francis Ware, John Speake (accountant), John Parnham, Matthew Sanders, Rev. Mr. George Thorold, Giles Zebedee, Thomas Clelan, Charles Calvert, Esq., John Huson (servant), Marmaduke Semmes for orphans (unnamed, their filial portions) of James Semmes, William Neale, Richard Robey paid to Richard Speake (accountant), Walter Pye, Thomas Berry, John Read, John Walker, George Graham per John Adams.
Executors: John Speake, Richard Speake.

Now notice that above estate records had Robert Maconchie and this one had John Maconchie.
John Maconchie was definitely the brother of William Maconchie so this places John Maconchie with a Robert Maconchie.
Col. George Mason was married to Ann Thompson. Col. George Mason's sister was Simpher Rose Mason married Jeremiah Bronaugh in VA.
Jeremiah Bronaugh's will of 1747/48 had witness Alexander Doniphan who was the SON of Mott Doniphan. Need Charlene to check me on this one.
Verlinda Harrison was wife of Capt. Joseph Harrison, parents of Elizabeth Harrison m. 1st Robert Dade, 2nd Robert Mastin.

John Speake 12.105 A CH £77.8.9 Nov 7 1733
Received from: Leonard Green, Jr., Richard Cornish, Hussey Luckett, Edward Brawner, Richard Chapman, John Clements, Col. George Mason, John Maconchie, William Brooke, Benjamin Garner, John Higton, Matthew Stone.
Payments to: Joseph Lancaster, Virlinda Harrison, John Meredith paid to Mr. Philip Key, Richard Tarleton paid to Mr. Philip Key, William Millstead, Archibald Campbell per John Graham, John Maconchie, James Semmes (son of James Semmes (dead, widow & executrix (unnamed) married the deceased)), Richard Gildert paid to John Lancaster, Walter Pye, Jane Brent, Martha Yoakley.
Mentions: parties (unnamed) interested are all at age.
Executors: John Speake, Richard Speake.

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