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Subject: Re: [VAFAUQUI] LEADS to check/ identify witness ISHAM O'BANNON onWill of MOSES JOHNSON/ DAR Patriot/ /Fauquier Co.
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 05:42:30 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Amanda,
Minor Winn Jr. who died 1813 was the father of Margaret Winn who married Thomas
O'Neal. And the Margaret Winn who married Thomas O'Neal was the granddaughter
of Minor Winn Sr.and Margaret Conner.


From: Amanda Douglass <>
Sent: Thu, May 12, 2011 11:18:36 AM
Subject: [VAFAUQUI] LEADS to check/ identify witness ISHAM O'BANNON on Will of
MOSES JOHNSON/ DAR Patriot/ /Fauquier Co.

DAR Patriot MOSES JOHNSON who had son David Johnson m. Sarah Odor had will
witness Isham O'Bannon.

June sent below record to me that shows a Capt. Lott Hackley around a Joseph

This might be a great lead going forward to Isham O'Bannon witness on Will of
Moses Johnson whose son David Johnson m. Sarah Odor.

Below Lott Hackly may be son of James Hackley and he was "brother in law" of
John Butler.
Lott Hackley along with Alexander McConchie did the 1785 estate inventory of
Robert Knox.

16 June 1768. Lease. Bet. Francis Hackley and Joseph Odor ... 186 a. ... for his
nat. life and the lives of Joseph and Thomas Odor ... for yearly rent of £4 ...
Signed: Fran's. Hackley. Wit: John Morgan, Thomas Conway, Alex'r. Woodside. Rec:
25 July 1768, prov. by o. of wits. Desc: ... cor. to Capt. Lott Hackley. This is
the first deed to have a plat recorded in the


Minor Winn who died 1813? His parents?

James Pickett? His parents? [ Could he be from

Matthew Harrison? His parents?

Thank you,


Court Record Data
Context Extract
Death Minor Winn died 5 Oct. 1813
Death abated as to John W. Winn Oct. 1815 by his death
Deed of Trust Minor Winn to Eleanor Harrison - Fauquier Co. - 1804
Defendant William Gibson; Sally Gibson; Moses Gibson; Betsy Gibson; Joshua
Singleton; Nancy Singleton; Edward Simpson; Susan Simpson; Thomas Neale; Peggy
Neale; Richard Neale; Hannah Neale; Susan O'Bannon; Mary O'Bannon; Narcissa
O'Bannon; Minor O'Bannon; John W. Winn (decd); James Pickett (exor.); Jemima
Winn (extrx.); Minor Winn; Thomas Winn; Isham O'Bannon; Thomas P. Winn; Mary
Winn; Isham O. Winn; Elizabeth W. Winn

Family Nancy Harrison, daughter of Eleanor Harrison
Family Minor OBannon, son of Isham Obannon
Family John W. Winn & Thomas Winn, sons of Minor Winn
Family Mary Winn & Elizabeth W. Winn, daughters of John W. Winn
Family Thomas P. Winn, Isham Winn, Minor Winn & John W. Winn, sons of John W.

Locality Fauquier Co.; Fairfax Co.; Wood Co.; Culpeper Co.; Prince William Co.;
Loudoun Co.

Marriage Minor Winn -mr- Eleanor Harrison, widow of Matthew Harrison
Marriage Edward Simpson -mr- Susannah Winn, daughter of Minor Winn
Marriage Joshua Singleton -mr- Nancy Winn, daughter of Minor Winn
Marriage Moses Gibson -mr- Betsey Winn, daughter of Minor Winn
Marriage Richard Neale -mr- Hannah Winn, daughter of Minor Winn
Marriage Thomas Neale -mr- Margaret Winn, daughter of Minor Winn
Marriage William Gibson -mr- Sally Winn, daughter of Minor Winn
Marriage Isham OBannon -mr- Mary Winn, daughter of Minor Winn [ Was Isham
O'Bannon the witness on Will of Moses Johnson m. last Duanna Shumate?]
Plaintiff Nelly Winn (aka Eleanor Will) (relict of Minor Winn)
Slave Alfred; Allegany; Armistead; Bett; Charlotte; Cicerly; Daniel; David;
Doll; Esther; George; Janney; Joan; Jude; Lavina; Liz; Mary; Milly; Nan; Reuben;
Sam; Sarah; Sue; Syd; Winny - property of Minor Winn

Will Minor Winn - Fauquier Co. - 1813
Administrative Information
Record title Winn vs Gibson &c
Year recorded 1818
Collection CR-SC-H
Record ID 85-8
End Notes
Preserved by City of Fredericksburg
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 9/5/2002

Below James Hackley was father of Lott Hackley.
Below daughter Margaret Butler m. James Connor, daughter Margaret Conner m.
Minor Winn, daughter Margaret Conner Winn m. Thomas Neale. [I have not proven
but records seem to support this.]
The Minor Winn who died 1813 may have been brother of Margaret Conner Winn m.
Thomas Neale?

ESSEX COUNTY, VIRGINIA RECORDS, Deeds & Wills No. 15, 1716-1718 (pg 56)
Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman
Page 94. Will of John Butler of the Coounty of Essex in the parish of St. Ann,
being sick and weak of body; dated 18 May 1717.
Unto my son James Butler my, plantation. but if James. Butler doth dye without
issue, my two daughters Eliza. Butler and Margrett Buttler shall have my

Unto my loving wife Agness Butler and to my son James Butler and to my daughter
Elizabeth Butler all my personal estate
My loving wife Agnes Butler and my loving friend and brother in law James
Hackley executrix and executor
John Butler

Wit: Elizabeth (X) Ridgdale, William (W) Carrenton, William Carrenton.
Page 94. 20Aug1717. bond of Agness Butler as executrix of John Butler. Unto Jno
Lomax, Wm. Dangerfeild, Leo. Tarent and Thomas Waring, Gent Justices. For 500
Securities, Philip Stockdale and John Andrews.
Agness (A) Butler
John Andrews
Philip (P) Stockdale
20Aug1717 Acknowledged.

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