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Subject: RE: [VAFLOYD] REED/READ in Bedford Co VA (was...Franklin County, VA
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 22:54:01 -0600
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Here are all of the REED/READ/REID listings in:
"Marriage Bonds of Bedford County, Virginia 1755-1800" compiled by Earle
S. Dennis and Jane E. Smith, "Reprinted With Bedford County, Virginia:
Index of Wills, From 1754 to 1830"

Page 57:
Francis READ and Florence BLACKBURN, December 16th, 1774. Alexander
Blackburn, surety. Consent of Andrew Blackburn. George REID and Rachel
CARR, September 10th, 1792. William McCalam, surety. Jacob REED and
Nancey THOMAS, April 17, 1800. Frederick Gooldey, surety. Consent of
William Thomas, the father of Nancy. Francis READ and Margaret BOYD,
April 6, 1762. Alexander Boyle, surety.

Page 58: James REID and Fanny WILLSON, September 24th, 1798. Henry
Eidson, surety. Consent of James Willson, father of Fanny.


Page 48: Simon MILLER, Jr., and Elizabeth READ, September 29th, 1779.
Zach. Callaway, surety. Consent of W. Read, father of Elizabeth.
Page 66: William SIMPSON and Elizabeth READ, November 23rd, 1779.
William Carson, surety. Consent of John Carson, saying he is nearest
kin of Elizabeth. Page 8: John BLACK and Jenny READ, December 29th,
1794. Moses Dooley, surety. Certificate of Francis Reid [sic], father
of Jenny, that she is of age.
Page 56: Gideon RUCKER and Joycy READ, December 25, and 1793. Thomas
Rucker, surety, consent of William Read, father of Joycy.
Page 2: Robert ANDERSON, of the County of Henrico, and Mary READ of
Bedford County, March 29, 1784. William Read, surety.
Page 3: William BOYD and Nancy READ, September 21st, 1797. Francis
Read, surety.
Page 59: James RUCKER and Nancy READ, January 31, 1788. Edmund Tate,
surety. Consent of William Read, father of Nancy.
Page 56: Thomas RUCKER and Sally READ, January 3rd, 1793. James Rucker,
surety. Consent of William Read, father of Sally.
Page 43: James McDavitt and Anna REID, June 30th, 1794. John Patrick,
Page 61: Abraham SHARP and Anne REID, December 12th, 1789. Paulser
Smelser, surety.
Page 65: John SHANNON and Jene REID, October 22, 1792. Alex. Reid,
surety. Consent of James Reid, father of Jene.
Page 62: James R. SANDERS and Margott REID, October 10, 1798. Francis
Reid, surety. Page 61: James SHANNON and Mary REID, August 9, 1797.
Samuel Reid, surety

"Bedford County, Virginia index of wills from 1754 to 1830"

Read, Francis, 25 October, 1819.
Read, John, 24 May, 1773.
Read, William, 24 September, 1798.

Paula Kelley Ward

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County, VA

Thanks very thats what I'm talking bout!

That is an interesting twist for a website.

There appears two Families passing through there and I have seen light
information in some old records. I believe that the mountain pass over
Fincastle can still be seen in some sections.

I am going to stop by that Reed Church and see if they have any records
pre-1800. I knocked on some doors but no one person knew much of the
Settlement History but
I did see one old foundation ruin off of one of the roads there.

Chuck Reed

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County, VA

Hi, Chuck,

I guess you've seen this website:
It has some historical maps and descriptions of what life was like in
different time periods.

On the maps, it looks as if Reed Creek is spelled "Reed" but when I
looked in the Bedford history, there are more people named "Read" than
"Reed." The most interesting one is the first one mentioned, a Mr.
Clement Reade, in the first chapter on the Formation of the County, p.

"The first Order Book (Minutes of the Court), 1754-1761, shows
that at the House of Mathew Talbot, Gen., in the County of Bedford, on
Monday, the 27th day of May, in the twenty-seventh year of the Reign of
our Sovereign Lord King George II, etc., . . .John Harvey, Clement Reade
and James, Cary, Gent., 'took the Oath of Attorneys and admitted to
practice in this Court and the said Reade also sworn his Majesty's Atto.
Genl. In the Court.' And thus Bedford County had its beginning. . ."

P. 66: Dr. James C. Reed, veteran of the Civil War, was pastor of the
Bedford Circuit (Methodist Church) during World War I.
His youngest son, Jesse V. Reed, was killed in battle in France.

P. 77: In 1885, Prof. David Warwick Read was elected principal of New
London Academy; he served for 11 years.

P. 81: In 1900, Prof. David Warwick Read was named principal of the
Bedford Co-Operative School.

P. 118 In the chapter on the Stately Homes of Bedford: READ-MOOR, near
New London Academy on Route 811, originally the home of Barlow Read, has
been rebuilt and renovated by his nephew Granville Moorman Read, and
Mrs. Read of Wilmington, Delaware, where he is chief engineer of E. I.
duPont de Nemours & Company. Mr. Read acquired "Read-Moor" in 1936. .
.he is the son of Prof. Daniel Warwick Read and his wife, Laura Moorman
Read, who were teachers at New London Academy from 1885 to 1896. Prof.
Read was principal and Mrs. Read taught music and art. This son was
born on the Academy campus. He was educated at Virginia Polytechnic
Institute and in Paris, where he studied art, Science, and architecture
for four years. The name "Read-Moor" was suggested by his mother, who
spent the summers here until her death in 1941. . .Mr. Read spends his
vacations here, where his hobby is raising fine cattle on his more than
1,000 acres of rolling pasture lands and hay fields."


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