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From: "Linda Jo Sheahan" <>
Subject: Fleming TRAIL, CSA 57th VA Infantry
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 00:28:03 -0500

To those of you are studying the TRAIL family:

I am going to go out on a limb here and make a guess that the Fleming Trail
who married Letitia and lived in Franklin County in 1860 was a grandson of
Charles Trail m. Susannah Peters or even a son.

Fleming Trail shows up in Franklin County in 1860. Where was he in 1850? I
went back to all my bookmarked census pages to reexamine the Trail's who are
mostly likely the children of Thomas "Revolutionary War Soldier" Trail. I
can only put this together from the census and marriage records. I will
continue to look further, but don't know if any written proof is out there.
This is what I think, not what is proven.

They are:

1806 Charles Trail m. Susannah Peters in Amherst, VA

1816 Elijah Trail m. Jinny Moore , Franklin, VA

1820 Thomas Trail Jr. m. Sally Brothers, Franklin, VA

1825 Lucy Trail m. George Poff, Montgomery, VA

1826 Marville Trail m. Sally Moore Franklin VA (Marville could be a son of
Charles, I need to check further, and may never know.)

1827 Lucinda Trail m. William Booth 1827, Montgomery, VA

1831 Henry Trale m. Catherine Kinnet, Floyd, VA

1832 James Trale m. Sarah Kennet, Floyd, VA (This James could be a son of
Charles, again, I need to search.)

1833 James Trale m. Hester Underwood, Floyd, VA

1835 William Trale m. Elizabeth Allen, Floyd, VA

I could track most of these Trails every 10 years, except for Charles in
1840, so I can't tell if he had any children after 1830, which is when
Fleming Trail was born (about 1832-1836 according to 1860,1870, 1880, 1900
census). Charles shows up for the last time in 1850 living with Sarah Hall
over in Pulaski County. Marvel Trail has also moved to Pulaski Co. from
Franklin Co. with his family.

Sarah Trail m. Leonard Hall in Floyd either in 1843 or 1840 (I have seen 2
dates). Without seeing the record, I don't know for sure if she was
Charles' daughter, or perhaps a daughter-in-law. Well, when I looked
closely, I realized that the census taker maybe missed on a couple of

Sarah Hall, 37

Fleming " , 18

Susannah " , 13

Charles " , 7

Pam " , 3

Charles Trail, 70

Sarah was married either in 1840 or 1843. Most likely her Hall children
were the 7 year old boy named Charles, and the 3 year old girl, Pam. It
looks like Leonard Hall has died. I never find him in another census.
Fleming and Susannah were born long before Sarah was married to Leonard.
They could be Leonard's by an earlier marriage, but I don't see one listed
in Floyd or they could be hers by an earlier marriage. Maybe she is the
Sarah Kennet who m. James Trale in 1832. Maybe James died and she remarried
Leonard Hall.

There is a slim chance that Fleming and Susannah were Charles Trail's
children. Susannah's mother would have been around 50 when she was born, so
that is a stretch. I never found a Fleming Hall in next several census, but
the age matches for the 1860 Franklin Co., Fleming Trail.

Charles Trail had a son (according to the World Family Trees), William. J
Trail, b. abt.1812, m. Margaret Jones. They were in Franklin County 1850 &
1860, Floyd in 1870, and moved to West VA by 1880. So, if Charles died
after the 1850 census, Sarah and Fleming may have moved back to Franklin to
be near William J. This is only my guess, I need to find Fleming's marriage
record to see if his parent's names are given.

My last census find is in Franklin Co., 1860.

Sallie Trail, 48

Charles 18

Susan 20

Martha A. 5

Giles W. 2

I don't know who she is, but she wasn't there in 1850. If
anyone can find anything, please let me know. These people are not even in
my direct line, because I come from the William Trail who married Elizabeth
Allen. I simply love a good puzzle.

Yours forever in genealogy,

Linda Jo

Groton, MA

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