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Subject: RE: [VAGLOUCE] Miller family, Drury Miller 54th Va, War of 1812
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 12:47:33 -0500
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Juanita, Thank you so much. I did find that site after getting the name of
Julia Coleman's husband - Ridgely Miller. I don't see a lot that suggests a
connection to Julia's Miller line, though there were a number of given names
that are also found in my husband's Miller family, perhaps the most strange
being a male named Dee in both lines. The only surname that might mean
something is Cooke, and this is just a theory of mine, that the mother or
grandmother of Andrew L b 1809, William b 1811, and Drury b 1822 was
possibly a Lanier, and there is a Cooke-Lanier marriage in Brunswick Co Va
around 1746 that might be relevant.

These Millers moved around, and I still don't have a clear idea about their
movements. They may have gone to the Cabarrus NC area, then there seem to be
other ties to Lincoln and Orange counties in NC, then to Monroe Co Tn where
Andrew L's wife is from, then to Kershaw SC. There may be where the split
came - Drury moved to Benton/Calhoun Al and Pickens Co Al, while Andrew was
first in Wilkinson Co Ga then the Screven Co area. William I only have in
Screven in 1870 - he died in 1873 and is buried next to Andrew. Another odd
thing is that there seems to be inherited land in Screven and Bulloch
counties. Drury inherited William's land in Screven Co but also had land in
next door Bulloch, most of which he seems to have deeded to Andrew's

I have not been able to make any definite connections to the Millers in the
Screven-Bulloch area, though I am pretty sure they were related to some of
the ones from Orange NC, Kershaw SC,and some who moved to Pickens Al from

Thanks for the offer. I am particularly interested in locating the Drury
Miller from the 54th Va.


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I volunteer at the local library, one day a week to help folks with their
genealogy research. I will keep your quest in mind. Have you checked out the
Miller's on Becky Barnhardt's site?


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