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I have a Sever Heskin in my PAF data. I have no date of birth for him,
but could have been 1860. His daughter, Isabella Olina Heskin was born
on 23 Nov, 1889 at Hatton ND in Traill County. Sever Heskin married
Marie Hagen.

Isabella Olina Heskin married Thorwald F. Enger in 1911. Their son
married my husband's cousin.

Thorwald F. Enger was a son of Fingal Enger and Gjertrud Nyhus.

I added the story below, but do not know if Sever if related to this
family or not.

If you think that this is the Syver you are interested in, I can look
in the Fingal Enger History and see if I can find more.




from the Traill County History, Vol. I

Nils Nilson Heskin, the patriarch of the Heskin clan in the Portland
area, was born at Stensail, Etnedalen, Valdres, Norway, April 23, 1811.
His wife Anne was also born at Valdres on June 10, 1814. To them 12
children were born: Guri, Gunhild, Henrick, Nils, Agenta, Marit,
Anders, Larine, Toneta, Sven, Ole and Anna.
Hendrick, the eldest son, was the first of the Heskins to come to
America. He settled at Black Earth, Wisconsin on a rented farm. In
1866 he married and purchased a farm. To this home all but one of the
family were welcomed, including his parents.
In 1872 Sven Heskin, one of the many sons of Nils, made a trip to the
Goose River valley to see the much advertised free land opened for
settlement. His brother, Anders, followed the next year and they chose
homesteads near Portland ND. After building a log house for his
parents Anders returned to Wisconsin in the fall of 1873 to report
favorably on land in the Goose River valley. On May 25, 1874 the
parents and family set out for Dakota Territory 700 miles away by
covered wagons and on July 11, 1874 arrived at the log cabin Anders
built the preceding year.
Nils Heskin died April 13, 1884 happy in the fact that his children
were well established in the community. His wife preceded him in death
on April 1, 1883.

P.S. There are articles in this book on The Anders Heskin Family,
Henrick N. Heskin, Norvald Heskin and Marie, Ole Heskin, Orlo Heskin,
and Sven N. Heskin.

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