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From: "ROSE SCOTT" <>
Subject: [Valledolmo] LEONE
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 12:31:43 -0400

Hi list.
My cousins came back from Valledolmo with some information that we may
help with.
The priest at the Immaculate Conception Church in Valledolmo is named;
D. Cosimo Leone. He asked to look up his relatives ; Rosolino Leone came to
America in 1907 he died in 1963 in Rochester, NY. HIs wife was Gangi. They
had 3 children that lived or live in Rochester, NY. Their names are
Guiseppe Antono, Antoinett and Charles. If any of this is familiar to you,
I have a phone number where Fr. Leone can be reached.
My cousins said the priest was a very nice man and took time to visit with
them and show them the church.
I'am sure if you have visited Valledolmo you may have also met him.
Hope we can help each other.
Rose Scott

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