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Judy: I have your James Ester who married Sarah Thompson, in my study on
the Robert Thompson Family. It is 59 pages long and cover the family from
Henrico Co. to GA.
If you wish it let me know and I will send it as an attachment.

Gloria Padach
Laguna Beach, CA

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Subject: [VALUNENB] Easter, Thompson, Ragland, Watkins,Farley in Lunenburg
VA and Elbert GA, late 1700s

James Easter, who died about 1792 in Elbert County GA, married probably
twice. I hope to find some others researching the areas where he lived or
the families related to him. I'm looking for clues as to the maiden names
of his wives.

Family tradition in Elbert Co, Georgia, says that Easter's second wife was
Sarah Thompson, related to Drury, John Farley, and Isham Thompson whose
family migrated to Elbert Co at about the same time as the Easters about
Revolutionary times. But there has been no documentary confirmation of the
Thompson connection. Sarah married Edmund Brewer and Robert Moore after
James Easter's death. Besides the Thompsons, other families mentioned in
deeds and other Easter family documents are Ragland, Burton, Watkins,

There are no clues to the maiden name of his first wife except for the fact
that she and her family probably lived near James in Cumberland Parish,
Lunenburg County, VA in the 1760s.

Here is a timeline of the early years of James Easter and his family, with
documents for both his first wife Elizabeth and his second wife Sarah. I
hope to hear from others researching the families who might have clues as to
further connections.

Judy Russell, Bogart, GA


1 Mar 1758 Lunenburg Co., VA Deed Book 5:111-113. James Easter of Cumberland
Parish, Lunenburg Co., to Thomas Nash of Cornwall Parish, Lunenburg Co., 300
pounds, 683 acres; Lunenburg Co., both sides of Ash Camp Creek, from mouth
of great branch along lines run by John Gwin SW, SE to Thomas Bolden, to
Childry, to Read. Sig: James Easter. Rec: 7 May 1758. Elizabeth, wife of
Easter, relinquished her dower right (Evans Deed 5, p.19). [First record of

Mar 1758 Lunenburg Order Book 5:31. An Indenture of Feoffment from James
Easter toThomas Nash Gent. of the other part with a Memorandum of Livery of
Seizin therein Indorsed and acknowledged by the said James Easter and
Elizabeth his wife, she being first privately examined according to law,
relinquished her right of dower (FHL F#0032405).

14 Dec 1767 Mecklenburg Co., VA Deed Book 2:31-32. From James Easter to
Thomas Norvell, both of Mecklenburg, for ££50, 300 acres in Mecklenburg on
the south side of Allen''s Creek bounded by Stewards Branch, new lines,
Steward, Main Allens Creek. Sig: James (his mark) Easter. Wit: Samuel Young,
Philip Sandefur, Wilm Farrar, William Hatsel. Rec: 11 Apr 1768 after the
deed was acknowledged by James Easter, and Sarah, his wife (Mecklenburg
p.62). [first record of Sarah]

11 Apr 1768 Mecklenburg Co. VA Order Book 1:497. John Farley Thompson
defendant in debt. James Easter special bail for Thompson.

Mecklenburg Co. VA Order Book 1:505. An Indenture of Memorandom of Livery
and Seizon endorsed from James Easter to Thomas Norvell acknowledged by
James and Sarah, his wife, she having been first privately examined as the
law directs and ordered to be recorded (FHL F#0032552).

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