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From: "Jody Clayburn" <>
Subject: [VAMADISO] RUCKER Surname
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 09:42:27 -0500
References: <>

I'm trying to sort out the various Ephriam Rucker's. According to one book,
Ephriam (James, Peter) was married to Elizabeth Randall in 1775, served in
the Rev. War, and moved to Monroe Co., Ohio around 1820ish. However, I do
know for sure that the correct Ephriam that I am looking for, did in fact
marry Elizabeth Booton (b. 1775), and did move to Monroe Co., Ohio and so
on. I was told that there was an Ephriam that served in the Rev War,
married Elizabeth Randall, but that he died @1798. So, I need to sort out
these Ephriam's. If anyone can help or has any suggestions, I'd appreciate
some in put.
-Jody Clayburn, CA

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