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Obviously we all descended from Elias Teunison and his son Teunis Eliason.
>From there my research has a James Van Benschoten, baptized 1737 who married
a Elizabeth Kermer/Carmer. One of their children was Abram Benscoter b. May
11, 1772. Died Mar. 10, 1846. Married Barbar Hontz. One of their children
John Benscoter b. Sept 19,1801 married l. Sarah Masters, 2. Ann Coates, 3.
Jane Coates. The marriage to Ann Coates produced Sarah A.Benscoter, Sylvester
Benscoter, twins, b.1833. and John Wesley Benscoter b. 1827 and Christopher
Benscoter. Sarah A. Benscoter m. Holden Tripp Vaughn who were my great
All the Huntington Valley Pennsylvania origins call themselves BENSCOTER

Benschoter, Dawn

I reside in Maumee, Ohio. My branch is as follows Teunis> Elias> Isaac>
Aaron> Jeremiah> Henry> Quiros> Lewis> Ralph> Anthony> and my husband Mark
Benschoter. Many of our immediate "branches" are in Michigan - with some in

Benschoter, John

Hello, I'm John Benschoter from Lansing, Michigan here. I am a part of
the Elias Line--Isaac--Aaron
I, John Benschoter branch off with Cornelius Benschoter> Oliver Peake >
John Morgan> Don Alger> Don Alger Benschoter Jr. (my father).
I have an uncle that lives near Dallas, Texas.
It was about a year ago that I found Nugent's Grove on the map. It's a
cemetery in Iowa.
In the book, the first and only use of the Benschoter name was in the
piece on Jeremiah Van Benschoten.
I think that Aaron must have had something to do with the name change.
I have no proof yet. It seems that his children took on the name
George Denison Benschoter's (912) son, Harvey (962) became a lawyer and
changed the name to Van Benschoten. There are lawyers in Saginaw, Michigan
who are descendants of George.

Benschoter, Leon "Benny"

Benschoter, Robert

My great grandfather was a son of Jeremiah Van Benschoten. His name was
Henry. He settled in Wood Co. Ohio and we still live here. Our anscestors
were farmers,some fruit and vegetable farmers. Currently I am in Portage,

Brandstetter, Richard

Cloninger, Agnes E.

Fink, Ruth

Girard, Maureen

I'm in Carmel, California, and my most recent Van Benschoten ancestor,
Sarah, was born in New York City 30 Nov 1824 to John and Mahala Thompson Van
Benschoten. She died at Bloomington IL 23 Oct 1902. She married a young
German immigrant Methodist Episcopal minister, and they spent their lives
raising a large family and establishing churches throughout the central
Midwest. Sarah's daughter and her family moved out to California around
1870-75, and we've been here ever since (though most of Sarah's youngest
descendants and their families have elected to move eastward out of
CA--evidently returning to their ancestral roots!)

Hartley, Marian

My gg-grandmother was Rachel Van Scoten, daughter of Cornelius Van Scoten
& Hannah. She married John Bogart and they lived in Columbia, NJ & later
Platea, Erie Co., PA. Cornelius was the son of Cornelius Van Benschoten &
Heyltje Quick. I reside in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Kenney, Carole Kessel

My latest VanBenschoten is Mary Jane VB who married John Perine, a
traveling minister [a "circuit rider"] who switched religious persuasions as
easily as some switch their brand of coffee today.... I have Bible pages for
them starting in 1801. They settled and died around Port Jervis NY after
much traveling around [Oyster Bay LI, north Jersey, among them] My more
recent family, their descendants, lived in Brooklyn and Queens [though my
Perine branch were originally Perrin from France via Staten Island; one of
the Perines has given us DAR status]. I was born in
Woodhaven Queens and grew up in Westbury LI. I've lived in King of Prussia,
PA for 23 years now.

McNeill, Marge

Marge McNeill from down here in Myrtle Beach, SC. My Mom, who is the
last VB on our direct line grew up on her father's (Jay Van Benschoten) farm
on the road between Andes and Margaretville, NY in Delaware County. Several
of his VB ancestors lived in that area after they migrated from Kingston NY.

Mominee, Robert

Early Dutch Families of Ulster County, NY Research Center

Patterson, Jane

I'm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by way of Colorado, California and
Michigan. Been here for 20 years, so it's pretty much home now. My mother
was the Benschoter, the last of her line...she was born in California. Her
father was Ray Alexander Benschoter (he's in the Book) was born in Wood
County, Ohio. He came to California during the Depression, met my
grandmother, fell in love and the rest is history :-).
My grandfather's siblings ended up in California too, as far as I know.

Reuther, Jan RAUB

The Van Scoten/Van Benschoten name "married out" of my family with my 3rd
Great Grandmother...and I never knew I had ancestors with these names until a
few months ago!
My ancestors were from the NY/NJ Minisink area, then from Sussex (now
Warren) County, NJ.
I'm now living in Western New York, along the Niagara River.

Scotten, Greg and Ann

Unfortunately, my last name, "Scotten", is not derived from Teunis's
birth village, but from a small village in central England. Some have listed
that name among the Van Bunschoten derivatives and I was not sure whether it
was listed because it was my name. My Van Benschoten roots are from my late
mother's family. Until recently, genealogy has given low priority to female
lines, but for me, my mother's female lines have been the most fascinating.
My line is: [in Bunschoten- i) Teunis, ii) Elis Teunissen, iii) Teunis
Ellisen] in America- 1) Teunis Elissen Van Bunschoten, 2) Elias Van
Bunschoten, 3) Isaac Van Benscoten, 4) Garret Van Benschoten, 5) Catrina Van
Benschoten Reynolds, 6) James Van Benschoten Reynolds, 7) Catherine
Reynolds Lawrence, 8) Estella Julia Lawrence Curran, 9) Marie Curran
Scotten, 10) Gregory Scotten.
I have just completed an article on my research into Bunschoten and
Teunis. Over the years I have shared copies of my original source material
of with many of the cousins and hope that this version will be
useful to you once it is published.

Smith, Bobbie

My father, Robert Cameron VB, b. 1910 was a boat builder and ship
carpenter in NJ. I never realized it, but in reading thru the VB book
several of our ancestors also worked in the boat building trade.
My great grandmother, Emma Louise Smith b. 1861 who married an earlier
Robert Cameron VB b. 1859 was listed in Carole's family Bible pages. She was
able to furnish the birth date, which I did not have. :-)
My great grandfather Robert Cameron VB b. 1859 worked for the railroad as
well, in fact he died when he was crushed between railroad cars. My dad
Robert Cameron VB b. 1910 worked for the railroad before he went into boats
and ship carpentry.
Carole and I are descended from Teunis Elias VB. Are our VBs the only "holy"
ones so far? Our ggg-grandmas were sisters, and I guess it's no accident
that they both married preachers. It would be interesting to see what kinds
of professions the different lines followed over the years, and whether there
are similarities or differences we could discern.

Stone, Arthur J.

I'm , and have a copy of the "Book" - I am in South

Turner, Sue Vaughn

VanBenschoten, Sandy

My husband and I (since I'm the in-law - this is his story) have lived
our entire lives in Bergen County NJ, and are only 6 miles from where we both
grew up. He has, however, 2 brothers, a sister, and mother who have moved and
now live near Kingston, NY near Tuenis Eliason's old "stompin" grounds!
His older brother lives in Washington State and another sister lives in

van Benschoten, Anthony Eliasen

I am in London,England.

van Benshcoten, Richard D.

I'm Richard D. van Benschoten - live in Kansas City MO now - my brother
(Anthony van Benschoten) and I grew up at Vinecroft on the Hudson in West
Park NY, just down route 9W from Kingston.

Van Scoter, Todd

Reading the book, it always amazed me at the different occupations that
our family was involved in. While yours was boats, my family line seemed to
have migrated toward the southern tier of NY. If any of you have ever been
there you might have seen a town called Hornell, in this town is a street
named VanScoter street. And in the town of bath there is a florist named
VanScoter Florist. I had written the town historian about the VanScoter
street and got a very nice letter back from a sweet lady about its history,
unfortunately she was the widow of the late town historian and didn't have
much info. Going back through the book I was amazed by the number of Van
Scoters that lived in the Southern Tier of NY and worked in the Rail Road
industry. When you drive through the area of Southern NY/ Northern
Pennsylvania you can still see the large numbers of Rail Road stations and
train yards (like in Dansville, NY and Scranton, PA).
The again there was a normally large number of Farmers in my family line
many of whom moved to Wisconsin to find land to farm on.
My grandfather and father are still train fanatics, while I am not so
much I did pick up a little bit and still like to stop and check trains out.

Warner, Linda

I was from New Jersey. At least I was raised there. My parents were
raised in New York State and now I live in Wisconsin.

Bobbie Smith has come up with these outlines of the Van Bunschoten family and
its "branches."
As I check thru the VB book for founders of the different lines, this is what
I have come up with - in some areas I need your help - in other areas I just
need confirmation.

Theunis Eliasen b. 1643 - founder of the Van Benschoten and Van Bunschoten

Cornelius VB b. 1741 - founder of the Van Scoten line

Antony VB b. 1746 - founder of the Van Scoter line

Jacobus (James) bp. 1737 - founder of the Benschoter line

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