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From: Dian Mahaney <>
Subject: Re: [VANORTHU-L] Ancestors of Peter Routt
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 18:07:01 -0500


Checking the St. Stephen's Parish Register, Beverly Fleet has transcribed
George's date of birth as Aug 16, 1692. (Virginia colonial Abstracts
Vol. 1 Northumberland Co. Births 1661-1810. Abstracted by Beverly Fleet)

And as I said since Martha was Peter's mother-in-law she could not have
been his mother as well. So even if George was his father, Martha is not
his mother.

There are records of the same family/individuals in Richmond County as
well as Northumberland. There is a Thomas Routt who is the father of
several children who would have been adults by 1700. This Thomas may have
been a brother of Richard. There isn't a listing for Peter. Since Peter's
date of birth is given so exactly, someone must believe they have found a
record of the birth. It might be recorded in the North Farnum Parish
register of Richmond County.

In the most simple terms there were two parishes in Northumberland Co.
St. Stephen's Parish, and Wiccomico Parish. The Parish Registers that
contained records of birth, etc. for Wiccomico Parish is missing. There
isn't a records of it being destroyed, it was missing when other parish
records were returned to Wiccomico Parish. I have a record of a
Revolutionary War widows pension that included a copy of a page of the
Wicommico Parish Register. So it was still in existence when she applied
for a pension many years after the Revolution. But no one knows what
happened to it.


On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 13:14:28 -0500 "Tim Bryant" <>
> Hi, Dian--
> Thanks very much for all the information. I checked FamilySearch,
> and I have
> just found a birth and marriage record for George Routt:
> George Routt
> Event(s):
> Birth: 26 AUG 1692 St Stephen's Parish, Northumberland,
> Virginia
> Marriages:
> Spouse: Martha
> Marriage: About 1720 , , Virginia
> The dates don't work out for George and Martha to be the parents of
> Peter
> Routt, but there is that interesting point that Peter Routt was a
> witness to
> George's will. Surely (?) he had to be related to George. Your
> suspicion
> that my list of Routts was from the St. Stephen's Parish Register
> certainly
> bears out in George's case, if the FamilySearch record is correct.
> I also found George's death record on FamilySearch, with father
> Richard
> Routt. The Richard Routt line is separate from the Peter Routt line,
> and it
> is detailed at:
> Could Peter Routt have been christened in another parish in
> Northumberland
> County?
> I may try interlibrary loan for "Garner Keene Families of Northern
> Neck of
> Virginia," seeing as I am heading down to the library right now.
> I do appreciate your reply.
> Have a great day--
> Tim
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> Hello Tim,
> I believe that Northumberland County was named in honor of the Duke
> of
> Northumberland at that time. I don't think that there were a large
> number of
> early settlers from Northumberland.
> I have not had a chance to check all of the dates in your list of
> Events -
> however I'm going to guess a number of them are entries in the St.
> Stephen's
> Register - Births. There are a number of Routt births listed.
> I'm not sure who the parents of Peter Routt are. But I did find
> some
> additional information that may help in your search. There are a
> number of
> on-line family trees that give George Routt as the father of Peter.
> I'm not
> sure of the sources of this information. One does list a book,
> Garner Keene
> Families of Northern Neck of Virginia, authors Ruth Ritchie & Sudie
> Rucker
> Wood, publisher Jarman Printing Co. Charlottesville, VA. 1952. If
> you can't
> find a copy of the book in a local Library you might contact the
> Northumberland County Historical Society.
> I cannot confirm the birth date given for Peter. I did not find a
> record of
> Peter's birth in the St. Stephen's Parish Register.
> I hope this helps.
> Dian

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