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Subject: Re: Jobs for the boys
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:06:47 +0000
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In message <>, Maxwell
Cooter <> writes
>>I've always felt that the British people deserve a great deal better than
>>what is dished out to them by their government. Excruciatingly high prices
>>for everything, a ridiculous VAT at 17% (Ouch, why no protests???) and,
>>although a lot better than some Continental economies, little encouragement
>>to innovate and create sustainable wealth (if that's what a person wants to
>Why no protests? Because if it were lower, how would education, the
>NHS, social security be paid for? The people of the UK (and the rest of
>Europe) would not tolerate a system where people had to pay so heavily
>for health treatment. When I was taken ill in the US, my visit to
>casualty cost me (or rather my insurance company) $900 - Britons just
>wouldn't tolerate that sort of charge.
That seems to suggest that health costs in the UK are small, or, even,
do not exist. We pay - through National Insurance - about the same as
you pay to Blue Cross or whoever for your insurance. I don't doubt the
treatment costs the same or approximates to it. The thing that is wrong
in the UK compared to the US is that you know how much your health care
costs and we do not. If people got bills for their treatment - albeit
with no money to pay - it might concentrate their minds. Having lived
under the two systems my major criticism would be that we do pay about
the same as under a private/insurance scheme but we do not get the same
treatment. Also, knowing how much everything cost when I lived in a
country with a private system made me respect what was done.
John H

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