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From: "Ted Brooke" <>
Subject: Re: Pedlar Palmer
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 08:46:24 +0100
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P.P. used to train in the basement of the pub opposite the bottom of Preston
Drove, as did Tommy Farr and a score of others.
Don't recall the name of the boozer,
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Subject: Pedlar Palmer

> JH, Assuming I am not the only cyber-idiot on List I'll continue with the
> stoopid questions.
> 1. What's "top post" mean?
> 2. How does one "snip" and what's a dictionary meaning of "snip".
> 3. What's a "sig-separator"?
> Now, Brighton boxing:
> The Brighton boxer "Pedlar Palmer" is mentioned in family archives of
> PP was helping Albert Heasman slated to box Tommy Taylor (Ron Taylor's
> OV'28 brother) in a 1929 ? bout. I don't know the result but Heasman (whom
> TT later coached) was favoured. Pedlar Palmer was noted in the same
> article as helping coach Heasman and was described as "the ex-Bantam
> Champion of the World".
> That's the first reference I have found to the accomplishments of that
> remarkable man. He was seen regularly in the Buckingham Road area of
> Brighton lithe and dapper . . .in the late nineteen forties.
> Jack

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