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From: "Jean Brand" <>
Subject: [VASCOTT-] Re: frazier murders
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 07:46:08 -0800


Mine is Adelina Barnett and Joshua Daniel Frazier connection. Adeline was a
sister to my John Barnett, so guess that makes us cousins somewhere down the

Shirley and I have been beating the bushes so to speak about these murders,
Jean Pierson another cousin is digging more at the court house for more

The murders were over land dispute. Eli Barnett (brother to Adeline) was
given some land by James Barnett,Jr, upon his death as the story goes (and
some fact have been found on this story) Eli died and left his wife Permila
Lyons his land, she died 4-4-1920, before her death, two Frazier boys (her
nephews by marriage)got her to sign over the land, telling her that she had
to file something at the court house there at Gate City, she made her mark
(she could read nor write) on the deed and they took it to Gate City and had
their names or Frazier name placed on the deed. After her death her son
Thomas Barnett's son John R. Barnett started handling thing for his father,
only to learn they had been "cheated " out of his grandmother's land by two
of his cousins. The land was where James Barnett,Jr had his home and his
children where born (one can stand on the porch of James "Bo" Berry home
(descendand of Margaret Peggy Barnett)sister to Eli Barnett) and see the
spot where the murder happened. Anyhow, John found the two Frazier cousins
(descendants of Aeline Barnett and Josuha Danile Frazier) shot them with a
shot gun, he was arested and went to prison for 20 years for the murder(s).
It is unclearn in the court papers if he murdered one or both of them. When
I was back in Virginia last year having dinner at Bo and Tammy's, Bo started
telling me the story, being one that can't leave a stone unturned, I met
with Jean Pierson earlier that day(from Sarah Elizabeth Barnett and James
Baxter Pierson line) Sarah was a sister to my John, Adeline, Margaret and
Eli Barnett) called and asked her to search for the records. She found the
some of the court records and since we all have gone over this murder(s)
with a fine tooth comb, learning more each time. Now we do know forsure
Creed and Wiley Frazier were the ones that John found on the Barnett land.
Now I have found another couple Creed Fraziers that has caused some
confliction in my personal files. One being a Sheriff Creed Frazier, also
related to the Barnetts. Once I have learn the full facts and lineages I'll
sure let you know.

Now Norman "Mac" Mcnutt is going to Gate City to meet up with Jean Pierson,
they plan to climb to the (guess you would call it the tower) pull out those
records and copy for me. They are also going to pull the Frazier death
recrds for that time frame, checking to see just who where their parents,
etc. that should give the proof we all are wanting to know.

Now a few years ago the Frazier's lost that peice of land to back taxes and
Bo and his brother bought the land on the steps of the court house there in
Gate City, Scott Co., VA. Now when I was back there I heard just about the
same story from other cousins, seems all I heard was about the muder(s),
land dispute and bad feelings, so now you know the story as I have been told
by different ones in e-mails and snail letters from VA.

Didn't mean to write you a book, sorry about that.
Jean Brand
2254 W. Gettysburg
Fresno, CA 93705

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From: Mike & Vicki O'Neil <>
To: Jean Brand <>
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2000 6:08 AM
Subject: Re: frazier murders

> Yes, Jean - this is our line. I have quite a bit on it back to John and
> Nancy Frazier in the 1700's. I'd like to take credit for all the
> research, but Shirley Bragg has done a wonderful job on researching it.
> I'm really just starting, but it's very exciting. I'm glad I found the
> mailing list. 26 months till retirement and then maybe I can get
> serious about this and spend more time. In the meantime, I'm just kind
> of plodding along, getting bits and pieces where I can! I'm also
> researching the Ford line (my grandmom's side of the family). Thanks!
> Vicki
> Jean Brand wrote:
> >
> > Vicki,
> >
> > Would this be your line?
> >
> > Descendants of Hiram Floyd Frazier
> >
> > Generation No. 1
> >
> > 1. Hiram Floyd4 Frazier (Charles A.3, Joshua "Daniel"2, James1) was
> > 1906 in Duffield, Scott Co., VA, and died March 29, 1999 in Kingsport,
> > Sullivan Co., TN. He married Sidna Allen Ford June 06, 1931 in Scott
> > VA, daughter of W. Ford and Elizabeth Russell. She was born 1909 in
> > Co, VA.
> >
> > More About Hiram Floyd Frazier:
> > Burial: Good Cemetery, Scott Co, VA
> >
> > Children of Hiram Frazier and Sidna Ford are:
> > 2 i. Don5 Frazier.
> > 3 ii. June Frazier.
> >
> > Jean Brand
> > 2254 W. Gettysburg
> > Fresno, CA 93705
> > &
> >
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> > From: Mike & Vicki O'Neil <>
> > To: Jean Brand <>
> > Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2000 6:34 PM
> > Subject: frazier murders
> >
> > > Jean - I'm pretty new to the list, but I read your correspondence
> > > regarding the Frazier murders. My grandmother, who I spoke with
> > > was married to Hiram Frazier, 2 years deceased and no relation to the
> > > Fraziers who were murdered (at least that I know of). I was telling
> > > about your message and she said she remembers it well. She was young
> > > and her Dad and Uncle worked for Creed Frazier, who was the sheriff.
> > > They were in the timber business and her dad and uncle would haul the
> > > trees and load the logs at the railroad. Creed and his son were in
> > > woods cutting trees down when Tom Barnett killed them - apparently
> > > dispute over the ownership of the land. There were apparently papers
> > > that Creed had signed for grandmom's dad that no one knew about, and
> > > caused her dad and mom to loose their home after the shooting.
> > >
> > > I love hearing these old stories, although they were pretty tragic.
> > > Grandmom says she remembers crying over it and her Uncle Joe talking
> > > her about it.
> > >
> > > The other Creed Frazier (who is still living) is my grandfather's
> > > brother.
> > >
> > > Thought you might find it interesting - just for your info....
> > >
> > > Regards,
> > >
> > > Vicki O'Neil
> > > Tallahassee, Florida
> > >

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