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Subject: Surry Co, Virginia records
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 10:03:33 EDT

Hello All, Here is a mixed bag of very old records...mostly
but many other surnames listed.
Would love to make connections with the Savage/Savidge/Savedge, Phillips, and
Pittman lines. Would also love to know who was the father of Philip Savidge,
Rev. war soldier from Surry Co, who's widow's VA pension info is below.
Thanks so much,
Orlando, FL

Surry Co records 1652-1684 Eliza Davis
page 9
book 1 page 47
1 May 1654
James Mason of Mathews Mount 1/4 mile of James River
viz: William Savage his servant sold to Richard Merydale 4 years

Index to Surry Co wills
Robert 1698 Will
Henry 1711 inventory
Charles 1718 will
Lovelis 1729 will
Benjamin 1768 will
Jno 1795 inventory
Nathaniel 1796 will

William 1777 will

Henry 1741 administration

from Guide to the buildings of Surry and the American Revolution
James Kornwolf

"Savedge family farm" Rt. 618 near Elberon
Roster of Surry Co soldiers in the Revolution:
Stephen Sorsby
Philip Savedge, soldier, died in service
Capt. William Seward
James Judkins, Ensign
Samuel Judkins, Ensign
Benjamin Barham, 2nd LT
Jacob Faulcon, LT
Capt. Nicholas Faulcon

Pension info:
Philip Savidge file 370
Surry Co Ct records 1788-1830 signed by Jacob Faulcon, Wmson. Talley, Peter
T. Spartley, Jonathan Ellis, John N. Faulcon, David Booth, Walter S. Booth,
Richard Edwards and John Peter.
Depositions Apr 1788 that Mourning Savidge was the widow of Philip Savidge, a
private in the 4th VA regiment of Continental Establishment. Certificate
authorizing pension approved by the Executive 1787-1809. Receipts to William
Boyce, William Salter, and Josiah Wilson signed by Mourning Savidge. witness:
Albritn (Albridgton) Seward, William Ingram and "Joseph" (no last name
Requests for payment to John Watkins and John Bartle. Wit: William E.
1818-1830 P/A to Richard Carter, John C. Crump, William E. B. Ruffin, and in
Richmond to James Winston signed by Mourning Savidge, Drury Stith and in
Richmond by John Adams, William H. Fitzwhylsonn, Js. E. Heath and Nath'l
wit: D. Hargrave, Wm. Binns, Wn Carter, Benjamin C. Bell, Richard H. Baker,
Otway B. Barraud. Warrants endorsed by Arch Davis, Charles H. Graves.

English Copies of lost VA records

page 65
Charles Savage 200 acres seated under seated without entry land on south
side of Blackwater Jun 1699 (Surry Co)

page 68
County Blackwater granted to Charles Savaig 88 acres signed Apr 1704

page 213 and 214
1704 rent rolls Surry Co, VA
John Phillips 270 acres
Thomas Pittman, Jr 100 acres
Mary Savage 263 acres
Henry Savage 200 acres
Chas. Savage 358 acres

page 98 patents granted June 16, 1714 in Surry Co,VA
120 Acres to Chas. Savidge
250 acres to Thomas Pittman
95 acres to Joseph Seward

VA Land records
Patents issued during the Regal government of Charles City Co, VA
Book No. 6 page 57
William Savidge May 10, 1667, 152 acres on ye north side of ye western

more to come.......................

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