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From: Julie <>
Subject: [VAWARREN] Shen. Minister's returns 174x - 1784 (2167845)
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:24:32 -0800 (PST)

Okay - here is the last one. :(
As you can see I need help with the year of the first one. If you think you have missed anything, or you just want the whole list just ask, and I'll send you the Word file.
Now for the standards
- LDS film 2167845 = Minister's Returns, Shenandoah County, VA 1772-1877
- Please ask for the scans - there is more info than what is here.
- Please help me with the names, pretty please

and have fun!

# 814, 816 - 174?, really faint Peter PAINTER to Susannah BRIGHT
# 884 - 1765 Benjamin Hinkle to Mary Long
# 901 - 1765 Jacob Salser to Catharine Good
# 889 - 1766 Joseph Cockenaurt? to Catherine Feater????
# 788, 789 - 1774 Georg REINHART to Magdalena REINHARTEN
Peter DORNEY [German or Latin words after it] to Eva DORNEYEN
# 825 - 1783 – 84 con’t on 827 1783
Peter Heshauen to Juliana Fobin d/o Peter Folb
Jacob Albert to Elizabeth Konbin? d/o George Contz
[no name] Aetin? to Glory Fryn
John Huben to Elisabeth Frevel d/o Henry Frevell
Henry Long to Margretha Fendon d/o Mathias Fendon
Daniel Hottel to Eva Heusen d/o Henry Heisen
Stoffell Lindemuth to Elisabeth Millern
George Glomen to Susanne Schwartz
Isaac Hershbergen to Magdalena Haldermann
Mathias Benden to Magdalena Schlifen?
Stoffel Kreisfen? to Elisabeth Kulrin
Augustin Ridy to Mimy Gergerin
John George Hood to Hanna Gelly
John Hershbergen to Catharine Heisin
Henry Braun to Maria Dumlick
John Shafer to Elisabeth Bentzen
Thomas Hotzen? to Dorothea Hetznerink
Robert Harrison to Maria Harrisen
Andrea Folman to Sussana Worfarthin?
John Haas to Elisabeth Wilkin
# 827 - 1784 - 85, 1783 con’t from 825 1784
Isaac Lehman to Mary Hausmarin
Philipp Gransdorff to Elisabeth Haasin
Joseph Pugh to Margaretta Cambelsin
John Fleishmann to Elisabeth Miller
Elias Lifs to Margaretha Gamin
George Black to Dorothea Bucherin
George Hundf to Barbara Fellerin
Conrad Traban to Maria Zieglerin
John Heishmann to Magdalina Zieglerin
Jacob Wenobora to Margaretha Cambel
John Kefer to Maria Miller
1783 - Jacob Lamb to Maria Miller
1783 - Henry Rincker to Christina Wagnerin

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