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Subject: Re: [VERMONT-L] Defense of town clerks
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 14:50:06 -0700

Well said. I was very pleased with the fact that the Franklin, VT. town
clerk got out the books and let me read them. She also knew the farm
that had been in our lineage for 6 generations and made the suggestion
that my elusive great grandfather, JOhn BOYD may have been born in
DUNHAM, QUEBEC. I sometimes feel that there are individuals to tightly
wound in this genealogy process.
When I get stuck on something I have found it very useful to put it aside
and start another. It's strange but I have found many missing clues by
doing another project and even trying to be helpful to another. A little
patience helps and a lot of tolarence is essential.
Thanks for your help on the list and to all who are so helpful and
understanding I wish to say thanks from this inquistive, curious
Harriet in NH
On Sat, 2 Sep 2000 00:04:28 -0400 "Kathy Lisai" <>
> Hello list,
> I am not a Vermont town clerk, I just live in Vermont. I would just
> like to
> point out that these town clerks are fairly busy just keeping up
> with the
> paperwork involved with running their town. Some of them double as
> town
> treasurers. Some don't have much office help. Add to that, the
> older
> records, before mid 1800's, are sometimes not easily searchable. My
> town has
> all the old records in handwritten ledgers, with not much of an
> index. Very
> difficult to search, what with the faded ink and the funny
> handwriting. One
> day when I was at the town clerk's office paying my taxes or
> something, I
> offered to do some genealogy lookups. She handed me a shoebox
> filled with
> letters and uncashed checks, and told me that they got to them when
> they had
> a minute. I spent all afternoon trying to track down vague
> requests, you
> know, the ones that state that their ancestor "might" have been
> there at
> such and such a time. It was very frustrating, I didn't find one
> single
> match. So.....before you get upset with the town clerks, remember
> their
> main job is to run the town, and that they may actually have looked
> for your
> ancestor, but their records may not be easily accessible.
> Kathy Lisai
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