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From: Ruth Barton <>
Subject: [VERMONT] Landgrove 6/28/1889
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 14:21:41 -0500

The Vermont Tribune, Ludlow, June 28, 1889

Landgrove 6/28/1889

Mr. and Mrs. John DAVIS, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry DAVIS, all of Manchester,
visited at Daniel EDDY's, last week.

As Mr. and Mrs. Henry DAVIS were driving down the hill below Asa UTLEY's,
their horse ran, soon throwing Mr. DAVIS out, and bruising him badly.
About fifty rods further down the hill the carriage was overturned,
throwing Mrs. DAVIS into the brush (which probably saved her life), with
many bruises and loosening some of her teeth; her spine being also injured
so that she has not since been able to sit up or be moved on the bed. The
same thing could not recur without killing both persons.

At the last letting of mail-routes, our route from Manchester to
Londonderry was advertised for a daily mail, and was bid off by parties in
Missouri for a much smaller sum than it can be carried for, they are now
making an effort to get it changed back to the old schedue of three times a

Mrs. C. C. COOK of Castleton is visiting at Jacob SMITH's.

There was frost here, last Monday morning, that killed vines.

If there is another person who get a TRIBUNE with the inside stark naked,
we'd like their name. Semi occasionally we get one in that condition. It
is very likely a mistake of the printer as we don't think Brother ALLIS is
one who would shave anyone out of his honest dues. We might guess at the
cause and yet be wrong.

[Aha! Thought that would fetch him! You are not the first dilatory
correspondent whose curiosity has been aroused by the same method, and the
localizing pencil again brought into use. That's about how the TRIBUNE
would look, if we all went to sleep, Brother WILEY--ED.]

Transcribed by Ruth Barton
Ruth Barton

Dummerston, VT

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